anchor anchor

Image Anchor. Defines the anchor point of the image, solid color, or text bounding box rectangle, before applying transforms (crop=, scale=, rotate=, flip=). Also serves as the center-of-rotation for rotate=.

anchor= *coord*

anchorN= *coordN*

pixel offset from the top-left corner of the source image (int, int)
normalized offset from the center of the source image (real, real)

The anchor point is transformed with the image and becomes the layer origin point (unless origin= is specified as well, in which case anchor= is used only as the center-of-rotation for rotate=).

anchorN=0,0 places the image anchor at the center of the source image. anchorN=-0.5,-0.5 or anchor=0,0 is at the top-left corner, and anchorN=0.5,0.5 is at the bottom-right corner of the source image.

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Source image attribute. Applies to the current layer or to layer 0 if layer=comp.

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If anchor= is not specified, catalog::Anchor is used. If catalog::Anchor is not defined, the center of the image rectangle is used (same as specifying anchorN=0,0).

Text layers involving textPs= and layers involving clipPath= may have different default anchors.

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See “Example C” in Templates.

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catalog::Anchor , origin=, rotate=, clipPath=, Text Layers