Gloss gloss

Surface glossiness Specifies the relative glossiness of the material surface.

This value is used by the renderer for the following purposes:

  • Select the illumination map when catalog::Illum is -1.
  • Controls gloss effect (specular reflection) rendering in conjunction with catalog::Type.
  • Controls 3D reflection render effects in conjunction with catalog::Type and catalog::Roughness.

Properties section-ddc475c0556f4f67b4cf62bd1bcd4bf7

Integer number. Percentage number in the range 0…100. Optional for all materials. Used only for vignettes with multiple reflection maps or vignettes with 3D reflection capability. Leave empty or set to -1 if not known or not needed.

Default section-2352721073524f1a8d461f64a363aac9

A default value is provided by the vignette if this value is set to -1.

See also section-0213bbdb7d6d4974a7c53822957717c1

gloss= , catalog::Roughness, catalog::Type