LocaleStrMap localestrmap

String translation map. Refers to a locId that can be mapped to any number of internalLocId.

*item**['|' *item*]

locale , locId *[',' locId ]
Locale (not case-sensitive).
Internal locale ID.

LocaleStrMap refers to a locId that can be mapped to any number of internalLocId.

An empty locale value matches empty and unknown locale= strings. This allows defining a default rule for unknown locales.

Empty locId values are permitted and select the defaultString (the defaultString does not have a locale identifier). locId values are searched in the order specified. The first match is returned.

String translation, when enabled, is applied to text strings in the following image catalog fields:

Catalog Field
String Element in Field

Any sub-element containing a translatable string (delimited by any combination of separators ',' ';' ':' and/or the start/end of the field).

A 0xrrggbb color value at the beginning of a localizable field is excluded from localization and passed through without modification.

Any single- or double-quoted attribute value, except the values of the coords= and shape= attributes.
The value of any target.*.label and target.*.userdata property.
The value of any property.

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One or more items, separated with |, where each item consists of two or more, comma-separated, string values.

See also section-0c0516e4f83d42d38247308cab9b6708

Localization Support, locale=, attribute::LocaleMap, catalog::ImageSet, catalog::Map, catalog::Targets, catalog::UserData