Basic character formatting

Last update: 2021-07-12
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Use the following commands for basic character formatting.

Command Description Notes

Reset character formatting to default.

textPs= only.

\f N

Font face.

\fonttbl index.

\fs N

Font size.

Half-points; default is 24.

\cf N

Font color.

0-based index into color table.


Bold style.


Italic style.



Reduces font size.



Reduces font size.



Image Serving also recognizes the following RTF underlining commands:

  • \uld
  • \uldash
  • \uldashd
  • \uldashdd
  • \uldb
  • \ulth
  • \ulw
  • \ulwave

These are implemented at this time as a standard \ul underlining. All other RTF underlining commands are ignored.


turn off underlining


turn off underlining



textPs= only.


lowercase ("small caps")

textPs= only.

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