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Layer Color. Specifies the foreground color and opacity of solid color and effect layers, and the text box fill color for text layers.

color= *color*


Gray, RGB, or CMYK color value, with or without alpha.

If there are image and text layers, color= fills transparent and semi-opaque areas within the bounding rectangle of the layer with the specified color* before* rotate= and extend= are applied.


Layer attribute. Applies to current layer or to layer 0 if layer=comp.

The modifier color is assumed to exist in the working color space corresponding to the pixel type of color. And color is converted accurately if the layer image has a different pixel type at the time of merge.


No default for solid color and effect layers; a color must be specified. Defaults to 0,0,0,0 (fully transparent) for image and text layers.


In the following template fragment, the text background is set to a 50% opaque color, and uses the same color to add a semi-transparent 10 pixel border around the layer 2 image:

…&$color=214,245,130,128& layer=1&text=my-text-string&color=$color$&… layer=2&src=myRootId/myImageId&extend=10,10,10,10&bgColor=$color$&…

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