Reply image height. Specifies scaling of the rendered image so that the height of the reply image is no larger than the specified value, while maintaining the image’s aspect ratio.

hei= *val*


Reply image height in pixels (integer greater than 0).

The image is not padded if both wid= and hei= are specified and width/height is different from the aspect ratio of the image.

wid= and hei= work together to define the size of the image that is returned by the server. If scl= comes after wid= or hei= in the URL, it cancels those commands and scl= defines the size of the image returned by the server.

However, if wid= or hei= comes after scl= in the URL, they cancel scl= and wid=/ hei= define the size of the image returned by the server.


An error is returned if the calculated or default reply image size is larger than attribute::MaxPix.


May occur anywhere within the request. Resizing the image with wid=, hei=, or scl= does not change the print resolution value embedded in the response image. Ignored if scl= occurs after wid= and/or hei= in the command sequence.


If wid=, hei=, or scl= are not specified, the reply image is scaled to fit within the size defined by attribute::DefaultPix. If attribute::DefaultPix is empty, the reply image has the same size as the vignette’s view image.

See also

attribute::DefaultPix , attribute::MaxPix, wid=, scl=, resMode=

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