Customer Use Case: ServiceNow Gets the Right Insights to Connect with Prospects

Find out how ServiceNow gets actionable data from its marketing channels and boosts ROI on paid search advertising with Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics.

My guiding principle for ServiceNow is that our prospects are looking for guidance. We need to make that easier, we need to have long term types of content that takes someone from the top of the funnel through the purchase in a way that helps them to make decisions along the way and so that’s our biggest challenge. So in early 2018 we brought in the entire Ad Cloud suite. Our advertising programs were very disconnected before Ad Cloud. Every marketing channel was reported on based on what the channel could provide us with, impressions, clicks, conversion rates. Impressions aren’t interesting. What’s interesting is what they do after that. Now, we’re able to see everything all the way through the pipe. We can look at what channels are driving and Adobe Analytics will then give us the data we need to analyze the health of each of our channels and what’s driving real traffic. And then once they arrive on the website, how are they engaging? Bringing up paid search, paid search is where we get our best ROI for dollar spend and before Adobe it was about one to four. And now it’s one to six. So within a year, we’ve seen that jump. The bidding platform and all of that really helped us to up our game at a level that we couldn’t do before. We couldn’t take advantage of budget the way we can with the bidding. So I would say paid search has given us the immediate ROI that I was looking for. We have so much now at our disposal, from the standpoint of, how we launch marketing programs, how we launch campaigns, how we measure them. We’re just at the beginning of that process, but we’re seeing huge results. I’ve been in advertising my whole career, and all of the promises that were made throughout the decades related to how data would be used to really target people and identify what people are interested in and that’s now a reality. -

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