Understand User Behavior on Voice Assistants understand-user-behavior-on-voice-assistants

Learn how to understand user behavior and gain insights by looking at key metrics such as top intents, parameters and user authentication.

Hello, I’m Justin Grover, I’m a Product Manager with Adobe Analytics, and today I wanna take you through how to understand user behavior in your voice application. To show you how to use these features in Adobe Analytics, I’m gonna use the example of a grocery store, and walk you through the user behavior of a voice skill that they have. Here I can look at the top intents that my voice skill has, things like add an item, schedule a pickup, renew my prescription, all of those, and I can actually start to drill down into the different details of those. For example, if I wanna see what items were added to the shopping cart, I can see that mac and cheese is the number one item added, and I can continue to drill into each of these. Additionally, I can start to look at how many of my users authenticate, which is really helpful as I try to drive user engagement. Here I can drill into the intents that they used, based on their authenticated state. So, for example, I can see that people who have logged in, add an item, schedule a pickup at a certain rate versus those who don’t. Using the techniques we’ve demonstrated here will help you better to understand user behavior for your voice skills.