Changing the scale/axis on visualizations in Analysis Workspace changing-the-scale-axis-on-visualizations-in-analysis-workspace

This video shows how you can easily change the scale (or axis limits) for the Y-axis on a line graph in the Analysis Workspace to make data harder for you and others to misinterpret.

This is Ben Gaines from Adobe Analytics product management and I wanted to share a quick tip something that I actually just discovered in the Analysis Workspace. A neat tip involving visualizations. Here I’ve built a simple table showing revenue by day for April. Pretty standard line graph here. What our engineering team has done is by default you’ll see that the graph is set so that the lowest point on the graph here so that the axis begins with the lowest point. So you’ll notice that we dip a little bit below $80,000 on April 25th. If you come down here we see it’s about 72,725. That’s the lowest point on the graph. That’s great because it allows me to use all of the space in the graph but it may exaggerate some changes like this graph. If I’m sending this to another team member and they don’t notice the scale on the left they might think that revenue dropped to zero on that date. So there’s an affordance for this. You can actually click right here below that 80k and the graph will readjust and it will graph it with zero at the low point. And your graph moves up and now you can see a much flatter trend because we’re not using all of that space. Revenue never dips below that point. You can click there again to readjust back so you have much more flexibility in this tool than in reports in analytics or in ad hoc analysis to graph data the way that makes the most sense depending on what the data is giving you . -