Customer Use Case: Accent Group Invests in Customer Experience to Drive Sales

Accent Group, the largest footwear retailer in Australia, grows their sales and conversions by delivering great customer experiences across physical and digital touch-points. Watch how the Accent Group uses the Adobe Experience Cloud to create seamless digital experiences.

Accent Group is the largest footwear retailer in Australia, we have over 450 stores across Australia and New Zealand. We’ve always been big believers in investing in experience. There’s always going to be a profound shift in market, in terms of what consumer expectations are, and retailers like us need to get ready.
It’s all about what our customers want and need and then making sure that we are really delivering on that for them, not just in our store but online as well. The very first step that we took was listening to our customers and we rolled out click and collect across the whole network. So click and collect, they can order that product online and if it’s not available, they can go in store and pick it up. Very quickly that became five to 10% of our total digital sales and we saw our conversion rate immediately double, overnight. We can reach about 80% of the Australian population within a three hour window. To a young generation Z consumer, where instant gratification is just so important, you see something on social media and you can have it on your desk or in your home that afternoon, that’s a pretty impressive customer proposition. You need to make those physical and digital touch points almost disappear so that the experience becomes seamless and that’s what we are aspiring to achieve.
It’s all about listening to our customers, but listening to what they want and need now and then also trying to predict what they potentially need in the future or what technology we can utilize in the future to help with those needs. So we started our journey with Adobe Campaign, we added to that with Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager, and now the Adobe Ad Cloud to close the loop on that seamless digital experience. We’re also a very large enterprise customer of Magento. Magento allows us to power our eCommerce sites in the right way and by having that as part of the Adobe stack it really just gives us a more seamless experience to our customer at the end of the day as well. One of the biggest successes we’ve had, has been replatforming our Platypus business. In the first 12 months, we’ve been able to grow sales by more than 10 times.
Today we are now breaking in excess of 10% of total sales across the whole organization and overnight we virtually doubled the size of our digital footprint.
There is something quite special and unique about the culture of the Accent Group. Everyone is genuinely hardworking and excited about what we’re delivering. And that’s a wonderful environment to be able to work in. -