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Learn about the Security Manager settings in Company Settings to control access to Adobe Analytics. This includes strong passwords, password expiration and recovery features, and email domain restrictions.

Hi I’m Ben Gaines from Adobe Analytics product management and in this video I want to talk about the security options that are available to you and your company inside of Adobe Analytics. Adobe Analytics natively includes a variety of security options that extend the built-in security to meet your company’s needs if security is a major concern for you. The way I’m going to get there is in the Admin Console, there are a few ways to get to the Admin Console I’m just gonna choose this one and go to company settings. Obviously the content in this video is only available to you if you are an Admin in Adobe Analytics, Everything we are gonna do here is in the Admin Console. So if you are not an Admin you won’t have these options available to you. Once I’m in the Admin Console in company settings I can go to security manager and in security manager there are basically five options that I can use to extend the security of Adobe Analytics.
First, I can enable strong passwords, this requires all of the the users of Adobe Analytics at my company to use strong passwords on their accounts. If they already have accounts and they don’t have strong passwords, turning on this setting will prompt them the next time they login to use a stronger password. You can see here the requirements for those strong passwords.
The next option is I can force password expiration periodically and you have the option here of using either of the built-in password expirations which are actually very short windows, you can either expire passwords immediately and this’ll force a password change for all the users at your company the next time they login or you can use any of these fields. You also have the ability to require a password change at an arbitrary number of days as determined by you so you can come in here and you can put in, you know, put in 90 days or whatever the case may be, whatever you wanna do and then that will require your users to change their passwords that often. If that box, again if that box is checked. The third option here is enforcing IP logging restrictions, so this requires that users at your company can only log into Adobe Analytics from certain IP addresses. So if you don’t want to allow people to login from home or from the Coffee shop, you wanna make sure they’re on your premise, on your premises while they’re logging in. You can do that here by getting your range of IP addresses from your IT team and inputting that here and adding it to the filter and that will require people to be on those IP addresses. Whoops didn’t mean to save that but that’s okay. Again these only apply when these boxes are checked. The fourth is to enforce email domain restrictions. Often you’re gonna wanna distribute data outside of Adobe Analytics using scheduled recording, scheduled dashboards that get delivered out, that sort of thing. This option allows you to limit the email addresses that can actually receive dashboards and bookmarks and scheduled projects and whatever else to your own corporate email addresses or any others that you allow. So for example if I had to, if I put adobe.com in here and I added that to my filter and then a user tried to send a dashboard to a Gmail account, that dashboard would never be delivered because of this setting.
And then lastly: password recovery notification. If you have users who are trying to login to Analytics and they are locked out or they forgot their password, turning this setting on causes a set of email addresses to be notified. So here are the Admins in my company and I could add myself so I would get an email notification anytime any of my users tried to reset their password and again this just tips me off to potential threats of someone who is maybe trying to access my account without authorization, if I turn that on. So those are a handful of the security options available to you in Adobe Analytics which you can turn on at any time and turn off at any time as an Admin to extend the security capabilities of the Adobe Analytics product.