Download 50,000 Items as CSV

The Download items as CSV option allows you download up to 50,000 items for a dimension in a freeform table, with segments and filters applied. While the UI will continue to show up to 400 items before pagination, this option allows you to access more rows of data outside of Analysis Workspace.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to - download up to 50,000 rows of data four dimension from work space. In work space today, you can see up to 400 rows at a time, in a table after which we purge in it so that you can see additional - rows on additional pages. But, occasionally its useful to look at - all the data at once. For example, in this case - where we have 7,071 pages, it might be useful to see them all at once outside of analysis work space. You may want to, you know more - easily manipulate the data, run some calculation on the data or just scan the full list of data against your metrics incitements. So to do this, we’ve added - a right click option. It’s called right click - download items as CSV. It will be post-pended with the dimension that - you’re going to export the 50,000 rows form. Go ahead and select that and its going to kick - off a download request. So we’re going to be requesting the 50,000 items that we have for a page or as many as we are able to export, in this case the 7,000 items. At any point during the download you can cancel it if you like. Once it completes it’s going - to export the file for you into your browser downloads. Opening up the CSV, let’s take a look at what we see. Up at the top you’ll have - information about the panel including any segmentation - that was applied. Then you’ll have information - about the free form table, including how many items - we were able to export. As I mentioned we export up to 50,000 - items for the dimension so if your dimension exceeds that we’ll tell you how many we - were able to export here. Below you’ll see the table with the columns that - you had in your table and you’ll notice that - you have the 7,071 rows that were available. So that is how you download - 50,000 items from workspace. I wanted to mention one more thing. So if you have multiple - breakdowns in your table, such as the example here, we are looking at marketing channels and we’ve broken down display by page and then we’ve broken - some of these pages down by browser type. Now if we wanted to export - these 3,239 items here, we could simply click any of the page rows and download items as CSV again. Taking a look at our CSV, let’s talk about how those - breakdowns were handled. So the marketing channel - equals display breakdown was applied as a filter - to the pages exported and the browser type that - was below the page dimension was removed from the file. So the 50,000 download will - export a single dimension and will apply all the segments and filters above that dimension as filters in the CSV and then any breakdowns - below will be removed. So this has been an overview - of how you can export up to 50,000 rows for a dimension - from analysis workspace. We hope that this helps you - guys in your analysis workflows to go beyond what you’re - able to see a table in the UI and continue analysis outside - pf workspace if needed. -

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