Segment Builder in Adobe Analytics segment-builder-in-adobe-analytics

Slice and dice your data with segmentation in Adobe Analytics. This video walks you through the segment builder and gives a basic overview.

Hey, what’s up everybody, this is Doug. In this video, I just want - to give you an overview of the Segment Builder - in Analysis Workspace in Adobe Analytics, and maybe, kind of, just walk you through and, kind of, show you the main - parts of the Segment Builder. Now, before we do that, and you can see we’re here - in the Segment Builder, before we do this, I’m - going to cancel out of this because I want to show you how we actually get into that screen. So one of the easiest ways is just here on the left-hand rail, that you go down to Segments, - you click on the plus, I want to add a segment - or create a segment, and that comes up and then - we can start doing that. Now there’s a couple other ways. Another way is if we’re - looking at a segment, or we’re kind of seeing - what a segment is made of, you can see here I have some - Adobe default built segments, and I can see what those are if I click on the little eye there and I can see what it’s made of or how this segment is built, but I can’t really get into it. Well, that’s because it - is a default segment, but if there’s one that I - have built, like down here that does not have the - little Adobe sign on it, and I click into this to see what it is, then I will get this pencil - right there and I can go in and I can edit that.
And that will bring up that segment. And then I can change that or I can do whatever I want with that. I’m going to cancel out of that. And then the third way is to go up into this components screen. You’ll see if I click on that, I do have a segments dropdown right there. I’m going to right click on - that and open that in a new tab, because if I just click on it, it’s going to remove me - out of my project here and take me over to that page. But when I am in that - segment management screen, I can add a new segment - right here as well. But let’s just go back to our project and I’ll click out of that. And you can also see that - I’ve already applied a segment to my project here. And we’ll talk about applying - segments in other videos, but you can see, I do have once - again, that eye right there, and again, since this is a - default segment built by Adobe, I don’t have the pencil - there to go in and edit that, I can just see what it is. Well, let’s go ahead and imagine that, we’ve gone through our segments, we have built some segments, - let me click on Show all. And I’ve used some of these segments that are out of the box by Adobe, and I’ve created a few more segments or maybe just the one right there. But in any case, I have determined that - I need a new segment. So again, easiest way - is to just jump in here by clicking on Create segment.
And now I’m in the Segment Builder and I can go ahead and create that. Now, I’m not going to get - into super deep detail about any of the parts of this, because I’m going to - do that on other videos and keep this one relatively short, but do go ahead and look - at those other videos so you can see how to use all the different - functionality in here. Now, when you come in here, - you have something in mind, so you can title it - right away if you want to and you can put a description. These are going to be very - important for you, of course, so that you can remember - what that was about. Maybe you need a description to remind you exactly how you built that segment, or of course, for other people - who might use that segment in this report suite as well. Now, the report suite - is listed right up here in the top right side. So you can see the reports that this segment is going to belong to. But the basic idea is that you’re going to take these - different dimensions, metrics or segments, and you’re going to start dragging and dropping those over - onto your canvas over here to build out this segment, - this slice of your data, because that’s really what - we’re talking about here. We’re talking about, I don’t just need data for my entire site. I want to limit the data to - certain people or certain visits or even certain hits. And you can decide that right here on this include statement right here. Or you can be including data with just a hit that is defined, visits that are defined or visitors? Again, we’ll talk about - that in greater detail on another video. But let’s say for a second that we are going to look at visits and we’ll do a real simple example here. I’m going to take day of week, and I’m going to just drop that in here and I’m going to say, day of week equals and let’s take something like Wednesday. So what I really want is I want to know what happens on Wednesdays.
I don’t know, but you know, - maybe that’s important to me. Wednesdays we have our big releases of our product or of our - new site or whatever. So yes, I want my Wednesday visits and so I’m going to include visits that happen on Wednesday here. And you’ll see that my - data will change up here to show how many page - views visits and visitors are associated with whatever - you have built out here on the canvas. So again, you’ll then title that, maybe I just call it Wednesday Visitors, and I say “Visits only on - Wednesday or Wednesdays.” Now I can also then decide if - I’m going to publish this segment to the experience cloud - so that this can be shared with other applications - in the experience cloud. I’m not going to do that right now., I’m going to go ahead and save - that because now I’m done. I can put tags here if I want to make it easily searchable - and findable later, but I’m going to leave that blank. Just going to save that.
And now I have my Wednesday visitors right at the top of - the list of my segments and I can drag that in - and say, you know what? I really want to replace - what I had before, what I really want to know - about is my Wednesday visitors.
I really should’ve named - that Wednesday visits. If you caught that you get extra points, that this really should - be named Wednesday Visits, because remember that I only did visits. So I was just testing you - to see if you would catch, but I named this a little bit wrong. Anyway, so here’s my Wednesday visits. And I can see the data for those visits that have happened on Wednesdays during the last four full weeks, which is what my calendar - has over here as well. So it kind of puts those together. So within this time period - apply this segment to my data. Anyway, that’s just a quick introduction to the Segment Builder. Again, another videos - will go a little deeper on other things that you can - do in the Segment Builder. Have a great day. -