Admin Settings for Mobile Apps admin-settings-for-mobile-apps

Learn how to setup Mobile App reporting in Adobe Analytics, including Lifecycle components, Location Tracking, and Background Hit reporting.

Hi, my name’s Justin Grover. I’m a product manager for Adobe Analytics. Today we’re gonna go through the admin settings related to mobile apps. I’m here in the admin area of Adobe Analytics. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna select a report suite and go to edit settings, mobile management. We’re gonna focus on a mobile application reporting settings. Within the mobile application reporting settings, there are three settings that are available to you. App reports, location tracking and legacy reporting and attribution for background hits. The app reports enable all the life cycle metrics that are automatically collected by the SDK. There’s a list of those in the documentation. I will include a link to those in the video description down below. These metrics and dimensions are things like first launches, upgrades, launches, install date, app ID and so forth.
If I go ahead and enable those for a report suite, then what I can do is I can actually use these in Analysis Workspace. So, I can take my app ID and add it to the Workspace as well as add metrics like launches.
The next setting we’ll talk about is location tracking. If your app has access to the location services on the device, then these will automatically be collected by the SDK. This enables additional metrics and dimensions in Analysis Workspace. These are dimensions like latitude and longitude and points of interest. Then what I can do is I can use visualizations like the maps in Analysis Workspace to visualize the different metrics and dimensions that I have.
So here I’m gonna plot launches by latitude and longitude, and then I can explore where my users are launching throughout the world. The final setting that we’ll talk about is legacy reporting and attribution for background hits. Prior to 2017, Adobe Analytics treated hits that were made in the background by apps and hits that were made in the foreground by apps as the same. However, in 2017 we released the ability to hide background hits from regular reporting. This allows you to keep your visits and visitors very consistent. If you do need to view the background hits, you can click include background hits in a virtual report suite and it will allow you to see them and report off of them as you would normally. We hope this helps you understand the mobile application reporting settings in the admin area of Adobe Analytics.

For more information, please see the documentation.