Impact of Touch Points Across Mobile Journey impact-of-touchpoints-across-mobile-journey

Learn how mobile app users are influenced by touch points and know which channels are moving the needle for your mobile app using Attribution IQ. Know which channels are working together to drive success events in your mobile app.

As a product manager, it’s a challenge to understand the different ways in which users are influenced. I’ll cover how attribution IQ from Adobe Analytics helps me understand that impact of touchpoints and users’ journeys. I’ll use the example of a retail app with multiple acquisition channels. Let’s say I want to know which channels are driving app launches. Here I already have the attribution IQ panel. The first step is to select my segment of mobile customers.
Then I’ll choose launches as my success metric and acquisition medium as my channel.
I’ll choose the models of last touch, first touch, linear, and J curve.
The attribution panel visualizations will help me analyze and understand how my acquisition channels are performing. First, I can see the total app launches. Then I have a bar chart that compares how the credit for launches is distributed for each of the acquisition channels. For my attribution models, I see that social is driving more users to launch the app, followed by email, and then search engine marketing. Last touch attribution model gives more credit to social than the other models. It’s important to know which channels are driving success to my app to allocate my budget accordingly and I can increase spending in channels. There are more effective driving users. Also, I can dive deeper into the results through this free form table. Additionally, there’s a Venn diagram that shows how the channels are working together to drive app launches.
It’s interesting to see which channels overlap to attract my users. I can see 9,500 app launches where all three of these channels were participating.
Also, I have a histogram that shows the number of channels users interacted with.
Scrolling down, I can see scatterplot visualization. That is another way to look at my attribution models. Finally, I have a flow visualization that allows me to see how users are moving from one channel to the next. And I can drill in any of these interactions to understand my user’s journey. Attribution IQ takes the guesswork out of my analysis because I know which touchpoints are moving the needle for my mobile app. -