100% stacked visualizations in Analysis Workspace

Learn how to set your stacked visualizations as percentages instead of only raw values.

Hi, this is Jen Lasser with Adobe analytics product management. In this video I am gonna introduce a new visualization setting we’re offering for our stacked graphing options of area bar and horizontal bar. And that setting is called 100% stacked. So, stacked graphs are helpful for representing parts to a whole. Example here is focused in on four key marketing channels for our business. We’ve represented the marketing channels as a bar graph on the right trended by week. Each bar shows each of the channels and how they contribute to the total visits for that week.
While this is a helpful view, 100% stacked is a little bit easier of a way to compare these parts to one another trended over time. Rather than having kind of eyeball email and guess at how much email contributes to total visits by looking at the numbers and doing the math for ourselves, we can now very simply just change the viz setting to 100% stacked instead. and we’ll do the math for you. So if you check this box, keep an eye on the left axis. It will change from raw values to %. These % are calculated based on the columns that are in the table. They are maybe slightly different than if you were to look at page search to all the visits that came to your site. So just keep that in mind. This setting converted the axis to 100% and all of the bars to 100% as well. Each of the values within a bar was then divided by the total of those four elements. So now you can easily see that mail contributes to 20% of the visits across these four channels and you can look at that over time as well: 19%, 18, 19. So rather than having the eyeball, the numbers with a stacked option at 100% works and helps you see the allocation of visits across the parts within your graph. This is available not only for the bar graph here, but also areas stacked and horizontal bar stacked as well. So be sure to check out the setting coming soon. -

Stacked graphs are helpful for representing parts of a whole in a trend. The 100% stacked visualization setting further helps to quickly see how each part contributes to the whole, in terms of a % value instead of a raw value. This setting is available from the visualization settings gear in the top right of area stacked, bar stacked, and horizontal bar stacked visualizations.