Easy drag and drop to blank projects

Drop components directly into a blank project, panel or freeform table, and a table will automatically be built for you in a recommended format.

Hey, everybody, it’s Doug. In this video, I just want to give you a couple little tips on dragging and dropping components directly into blank states or blank projects, things like that in Analysis Workspace. Now, the only time you’ll really ever have a blank project is if you delete your panels because when you create a new project, it will bring this up for you. And so I’ll actually delete this panel and now I have an empty project. So if you find yourself in this situation, of course, you can add panels, and you can do that right over here and you can drag panels in, et cetera. But if you have components here and you know what you want, say you want a marketing channel’s freeform table, you can simply just drag that in and drop it right in there. It will automatically create a panel, put in a freeform table, and fill marketing channels in. Now, I didn’t drag any metrics in so it’s just going to automatically put occurrences in there but you can also add that as well. In fact, if I go marketing channels and then I hold down my Command or Control key and do orders and maybe even add visits, then I can drag all those and just drop 'em right in there. And that will automatically, again, add that freeform panel, add the freeform table, and add those items there. We’re just doing our best to try to decide what you were looking for.
Now, this also works for blank panels. If I add a panel here and I haven’t yet chosen what kind of panel I want, I can do the same thing. Let’s just do a different one this time. I’ll just drag day of week over here. You’ll see drag components here to create a freeform table, drop it in there, and voila. There we have our day of week freeform table. And again, you can choose any of these things and we will do our best to try to figure out where you want it. And then last but not least, let’s go ahead and create another panel here. Select freeform table. And now I have an empty freeform table. This again, is the same as what comes up if you create a new project. And you can select a number of things and drag 'em right in here. So let’s go back to marketing channel and day of week how about this time, and orders and pages and visits. And I’m going to add even, you know, a segment. And I’m going to drag that all in and just drop it right into the table. And there you have it. We’ll do our best to try to figure out where you want this. So we had two dimensions up here, so we’re going to choose one of them, the marketing channel, and break it down by the other one. It did only do the first item. So if you want that broken down by other items, you’ll have to just, you know, move on from there and break it down that way. And then, of course, orders, pages, and visits. And since we grabbed a segment and drag that in, then it is filtering each of those columns by that segment. Once again, if you want to change anything here, maybe you don’t want the purchaser’s segment on this one, you can take that off. You can do whatever you want. You can change this. It’s just a really quick way to start building freeform tables from any of these blank states. So that’ll save you a few seconds each time. So in order to save the time that you just spent watching this video, you’ll probably have to do this about 50 times. So you’re welcome.
Hope you have a great day. Good luck. -