Using Component dropdowns in Workspace

Component dropdowns allow you to pick from a list of compatible components to build your analysis. You can also create new components directly from the dropdown if you do not find what you need. These spaces continue to work as drop zones as well, should you have a more advanced use case.

Hi, this is Jen Lasser with Adobe Analytics Product Management. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can build your analysis in workspace using Component Dropdowns. Component Dropdowns enable you to completely build without using the left rail. For example, in the attribution panel, you can pick from a metric, and a dimension component dropdown. Rather than searching through the left rail and trying to figure out what can be placed in those spaces. Instead, you can simply search for a metric, to add to your metric dropdown, and a dimension to add to your dimension dropdown. Each list is populated with only the compatible metrics or dimensions for those spaces. So, for example, if a panel or vis does not support calculated metrics, it will not be included in this list. Component Dropdowns continue to other visualizations as well. For example, in the Venn visualization, you can choose from a list of segments, and all metrics, including calculated metrics, to fill out your visualization builder.
If you don’t find what you need, you can also create segments and calculated metrics from the dropdowns too. We just quickly created a display hits segments here, and back in our analysis, it is automatically applied. Creating from these dropdowns saves you the step of having to go, look for something in the left rail, not find it, create it, and then leave your workflow and break your train of thought. If you have more advanced use cases, you can also use these Component Dropdowns, as drop zones just as before. For example, in fallout, your use cases can get pretty complex. We tried to account for most of them by, bringing in the different dimensions, segments and metrics that you can bring in as a touch point. For example, if you want to choose, home as your first touch point, but let’s say you want to add in multiple pages, to create a single touch point. You can always go over to the left rail, and just as before, select multiple items, and drag them over, and use this as a drop zone. Component Dropdowns were added to analysis workspace, to make your workflow more seamless, and enable you to quickly get to the answers you need, by choosing from a list of compatible metrics, segments, dimensions, as well as quickly get you into a creation workflow if you need one. But if your use cases become more advanced, always remember that you can use those spaces as drop zones just as before. Enjoy. - -