Flexible layouts in Analysis Workspace flexible-layouts-in-analysis-workspace

Freeform analysis includes the ability to change location, width, and height of graphs and tables so that you can build a richer project. This video shows how you can change your layout.

Hi. This is Ben Gaines from Adobe Analytics product management. I want to show you a new feature coming to Analysis Workspace with the Adobe Analytics June release, which allows you to define the layout of a project in Analysis Workspace very flexibly. So I’ve just built a very simple table instead of visualizations here. A couple of metrics, in single dimension just to demonstrate this. We’ve given you the ability to be very flexible with where you put things and how how large those things are. So for example, I now have the ability to very easily drag and drop and place this donut graph below the bar graph. That’s sort of the simplest view of what we’ve done here. I also have the ability to change the width and I can go at different increments. I can do 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% for now and I’m going to go 50 here, then I’m actually going to go 50 here as well and you’ll see that it moves the donut graph up to right in line with the bar graph, so I can have multiple visualizations based on the table that I have down below. I could also do that by the way with the table so if I wanted to make that 75% and then maybe have, just for the sake of demonstrating this, if I wanted to do another visualization and maybe make it 25% and then I can drag and drop it and place it next to the table, so you end up with a much richer project than you’re able to do with just simple visualizations and tables. The other thing that I can do here is, if I just select items in the graph or in the table you’ll notice that the graph actually updates. I just want to graph these three items. I can do that and you’ll see that for each of the visualizations, I’m now looking at only those three items and I can do that. I can do that extremely flexibly, if I only want to look at say average order value and I don’t want to look at revenue I can select average order value. If I only want to look at revenue. Of course I can do that as well. So this ability to select items in a graph or items in a table and then have the graph reflect that combined with the ability to lay out projects however you want, adds I think a lot of power to Analysis Workspace with our June release. -