Venn Diagram Visualization in Analysis Workspace

You can visually show overlap and intersection of segments in Analysis Workspace using the Venn diagram visualization. It’s easy to create stunning, insightful Venn diagrams in a matter of seconds. This video will show you how.

Hey, everybody, it’s Doug. In this video, I want to show you how to add and configure a Venn visualization, a Venn diagram to your project in Analysis workspace. So here we are in my project and I’ve gone to Visualizations over on the left side here, and they’re all there and down at the bottom is the Venn diagram. So I’m going to drag that in and I’ll just put it on top right here. And one of the things that’s different about the Venn visualization that is different from many of the other visualizations is that it is not dependent on a freeform table. But as you can see, you just configure it right here. So we can add up to three segments for our Venn diagram and then we add a metric. So you can add just two if you want or you can do three. It’s all pretty basic. Over here I went to the Segments section. So normally when you are here in the dimensions and components area, you’d have dimensions, metrics, segments, et cetera. All I did was just kind of go show all my segments and then you can drag them in from over here or you can also just use this drop down here and you can start typing, and there’s lots of fun ways you can get your segments in there. It’s really all the same. So one of the ways that I’ll do this is I will say Visits from Mobile Devices and I’m going to drag that one in. Drop it in there. And then I’m going to scroll down a little bit because I want to find my purchasers on mobile. So I’m going to also drag Purchasers over here. It’s my second segment. And I’ve already created these segments. There are some segments that are automatically created for you in Analysis workspace or I’ve gone in and created some other ones myself. And let’s say that I want to add a third segment. So not just Visits from Mobile and Purchasers, right? So people buying on mobile but rather I also want to know hey, was this their first visit? So I’m going to drag that one in there as well. So we can get some interesting information here with our Venn diagram. And then I’m going to use the dropdown to really easily get to my Unique Visitors and then Build.
So here we have our three different segments that we’ve selected, Visits From Mobile Devices and of course everything is Unique Visitors. So visits from mobile devices, purchasers, and first time visits. And as I highlight those, you can see that they are highlighted in here and so those are kind of linked to the actual diagram. So you’ve got a 101,000 first time visits, 10,400 purchasers, that’s smaller. And then in the middle, we have these visits from mobile devices. Now the cool thing is that you can then hover over this and get the numbers so you can see well, what about people who are just the intersection between visits from mobile devices and first time visits? So if you want to leave purchasers out of the mix for a second, you still see the intersection of those two segments as well as these other two segments which is mobile devices and purchasers. Or if I sneak in right down here, it’s first time visits and purchasers and then you’ve got the all three section right here, 686 which is this visits from mobile devices, purchasers, and first time visits. Now if you also kind of want to see the data that goes behind this, you can go up to this gear and go to Data source and you can say show the data source. And it’ll bring up a table and it’ll show me all of those numbers in here, but you can see that I can also just get to them as we showed by mousing over the Venn diagram itself. Anyway, but you can see that you have the intersection of two, and two here, and two there, and then all three here, and then individual numbers over here for unique visitors. Anyway, that’s pretty much it. I can go back up here and I can deselect my data source, so I only need the Venn diagram there. I can of course change the size and location of that if I want to just like any of the other visualizations. Anyway, I hope this was helpful and good luck. -

For more information on this feature, go to the documentation.