Use keyboard shortcuts use-keyboard-shortcuts

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts in Analysis Workspace. These are time-saving techniques to help you perform various tasks in a project.

Hello, this is Justin Grover with Adobe product management. I’m here to show you how to use keyboard shortcuts the analysis workspace keyboard shortcuts. Let me let you make quick work of various task in the project. I want to show you a few ways on how you can speed up your analysis. So first off we can each of the commands up at the top have a keyboard shortcut. So for example if I wanted to save the project command S and it would save the project. If I wanted to open up a new project I could command O and it would open up a new project. Then once what if I get a pop over like this for example when I’m doing the project or segment I can quickly get a steep a pop over will disappear. Each of these commands up here have their own keyboard shortcut. You can discover those by hovering over them or in the more section they’re listed on the on the right hand side and like gray. Additionally there are keyboard shortcuts and very short cuts for selecting data in the tables. So here I have a data table and it’s got some data selected. If I wanted to change this that I had an entire column selected I could double click on the column. I could double click on the row and select the row or I could double click on the whole table select the whole table. Additionally I can select specific cells by clicking on command or control and I can hit on I can select the cells that I that I am interested in and that that will update the visualization above. If I need to select a range of cells I can click on the top so that I’m interested in and then hold down shift and click on the bottom cell. And that will allow me to select all of the cells in between those two. Additionally I can copy and paste this data once I’ve selected so I can hit command C or control C. And then I can switch over to Excel and in Excel I can actually paste that data right in so I get the data just like that if I select the entire table and do that command senior control C and then I want to piece that and I actually get the table headers. And I’ll add a really nice copy paste experience.
so that makes it really easy to copy paste data. Additionally what we can do is we can actually we’ve actually got a place where you can see all of the keyboard shortcuts. So for example if I can’t remember what something is. Go ahead and click on the info icon at the top right. And then there’s a shortcut keys and that will take you to the documentation so that you can print out kind of a list of shortcuts. -