Before/After Sequences in Sequential Segmentation before-after-sequences-in-sequential-segmentation

This video explains how to segment in Adobe Analytics so that you get only the data from before or after a specific user path.

Hey everybody, this is Doug. In this video, we’re going to talk about a feature or a sub-feature of sequential segmentation. And that is either before or after the sequence. And so I could just go into a segment and click on this plus here, and build a new one. But one of the things that I can do, is go straight in from a fallout. And again, this is to create any sequential segment, kind of from a fallout report. You’ll see here, I’ve got this Pumi luggage set. And then put it in the cart and a checkout, and they ordered it. And you can see the number of people that went along this path. Well on this, you can click or right-click I should say, on any one of these checkpoints and bring it right into the segment builder. So I’m going to click on this very last one, right-click and say, create segment from touchpoint.
So this comes into the segment builder and it automatically creates this sequential segment, by adding each of the steps. And putting this then, right in between those. So this and then this, and then this and this, et cetera. Okay now the question is here, first of all, do we want to create this segment from the people who did this at any time on any visit? Like maybe they looked at this luggage set. And then on a different visit, they went to the shopping cart and checkout, et cetera. No, we’d really like to do it on the same visit. So I’m going to switch this over to visit, so that all of these steps had to happen on the same visit. And this is just demo data, so you can see that I don’t have very many people who did that, but that’s okay. So getting back to the topic of the video, right over here, we have included everyone. Or we have, if I click on that, only before the sequence or only after the sequence. And you can kind of see this little image here, where the sequence is the lines. And so what happened before they did this sequence, or what happened after they did this sequence. Or obviously by default, it’ll include the entire visit when this sequence happened inside of a visit. Now before I choose one of those before or afters, I’m actually going to make one more change and that is going down here to the orders. And I’m going to say people who saw this luggage set, and put it in the cart and did a checkout, but didn’t buy it. So I’m going to actually say, and then order does not exist. At least not within the next few pages. So I’m going to say, within, say, let’s go up to like four. Because they might’ve gone back and forth here and stuff like that. So I’m going to say, within about four pages. So within four page views, and there was no order. So now we have the opportunity to create this segment. Again, for the entire visit, since we have visit over here. And that’ll say, include everybody. Or just before the sequence or just after. And I’m going to select only after. So now when people went through and looked at this luggage set and put it in the cart and checked out, but did not order, what happened after that? So I’ll title this, after Pumi Luggage checkout, no buy. Okay, and then I’ll save that.
And it puts it into my segment list and it’s right up there at the top. And you can even click on that little informational button there, if you want to see what it is. The product equals this. And then the page of the shopping cart, then a shopping checkout, and order does not exist. And you can see the little after right there. So we’re good to go. So now we could actually add that to the entire panel just by putting it up here. But maybe what I want to do is actually put it into my products table, to see which products were purchased after they left that luggage in the cart. And so I’m going to actually pull this segment over here and just kind of make it a filter under revenue, right here, filter by. And now I can see what people did buy when they left that in their cart. Well you can see by far it’s actually, they did get around to buying the luggage set, so that’s good. But then we look at these other ones and say, well, then they also did buy this brown pocket briefcase, the white men’s leather bag, et cetera. And you’ve got a list of other things here, that were kind of related potentially to that. And so you can take these and put these maybe as recommendations when people are buying the Pumi luggage set, just a thought. But that’s just one use of this segment type. So whenever you want to know, again, what people did before the sequence or what they did after the sequence. Then you can go in, and once again, I can go back in by clicking this and take a look again. You go right up here, and you select only before or only after. And that will give you that cool before or after the sequence segment, good luck! -

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