Use filters (tags)

Learn how to use filters, called tags, in Analysis Workspace. These are time-saving techniques to help you build your project efficiently.

Hi, this is Jen Lasser with Adobe Analytics Product Management. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can use tags or filters to find the components that you need more quickly in the left rail in Analysis Workspace. To filter the left rail, you can simply click the filter icon, or you can type in #.
This will produce a list of different filters that are available to you.
There’s several filters that Adobe provides Out-of-the-Box. For example, if you just wanted to look at dimensions in the left rail, you could click “Dimensions”, and that would narrow everything down to those components.
You could also filter even further by some new filters like “Classifications”, which will show you just classifications of the various dimensions that you have in your report suite or you could filter to something like “Evars” as well. If you’re building a histogram or a cohort table, where only standard metrics are available to be added to the drop zones, you could filter by those as well. So you could look for “Standard Metrics”, and remove any calculated metrics that aren’t compatible with those visualizations. We’ve also added tags to different integrations with analytics, such as “Activity Map”, and things like “Adobe Target” or A4T. If you became familiar with searching for things through folders in Reports and Analytics, we also added some of those folder names here as filters as well. For example, if you wanted to look for all the “Visitor Retention” dimensions and metrics, you could select that in the list and it would filter down the left rail. This is a complete list of all the “Out-of-the-Box Tags” that have been added. We’ve grouped them into things like Component filters, Implementation filters, Integration filters, and some Other Common Groups as well. As I mentioned earlier, things like Visitor Retention, Visitor Profile, Technology, those are all very common reports in analytics, folders names that we wanted to add over here for familiarity. Back in Workspace, I just wanted to point out that you can always add your own custom tags as well by simply selecting many dimensions and even metrics and segments and simply right-clicking and adding a tag through the Component Action menu. Once that tag is applied, you’ll then be able to search by it in the left rail. So this has been an overview of using tags to filter the left rail down to just the components that you need, so you can find things more quickly and get into your analysis workflow. -