Adobe Analytics - It’s More Than Data. It’s Customer Intelligence

To become an experience business, data-driven marketing is key. Take your analytics maturity to a new level - from data to insights to action.

It’s impossible for brands to win with today’s savvy consumers using marketing instincts alone. Today’s marketing geniuses are completely data driven. Brands need to know what their customers need, what they like, and what they’re willing to buy. And all of that is expressed in the data. With the advancements we’re seeing in analytics today data no long simply informs decision making, it predicts outcomes and is prescribes action. Analytics answers questions you don’t even know to ask. It gives you understanding about individual customers, not just large faceless groups. And it informs the experiences brands can tailor for their customers across every aspect of life. From their home to their job, and everywhere in between. The really smart brands are asking analytics to stitch together data from everywhere. Across online and offline interactions. In stores, wearables, on phones, even in airplanes and on your couch. Our customers are constantly challenging us to proactively offer them timely insights that they can instantly act on. Thanks to machine learning and cognitive modeling we’re using data to both paint a wholistic customer picture as well as highly detailed analyses of needs, interests, and propensities. We also recognize that we have to wrap these powerful mathematical and statistical models into user experiences that are simple and easy to use. So that what was once the exclusive domain of PhDs, and data scientists is now accessible to every day marketers and analysts.
Web analytics has been on an evolutionary journey. It evolved to digital analytics and on to marketing analytics. But now what’s really needed is real time customer intelligence. With customer intelligence from Adobe Analytics you can put data at the center of every marketing moment. Which will help you push the limits of insight.
We’ve integrated analytics into each solution of Adobe marketing cloud. Which means you can learn from every customer experience across digital interactions on web, social, mobile, video, IoT, as well as offline interactions such as store visits, phone calls, and other brand impressions. With Adobe Analytics you don’t just know your customers, you can almost read their minds. -

Learn how Adobe can help you know your customer from every angle: