Using the Donut visualization

In this video, learn how to add and configure the Donut visualization in your Analysis Workspace project.

Hey everybody, this is Doug. In this video, I just want to take a couple of minutes to talk about the donut visualization, add one to my project here, and maybe just have a couple of tips for it. And if you’re not familiar with the donut visualization, you really are, and it would just used to be called a pie chart. And so, we don’t have a pie visualization here, we have a donut and it’s basically the same, with the whole out in the middle . And that actually might be one of my favorite things about the donut visualization is, if we had to move it from a pie chart to a donut chart, at least we stayed with a delicious pastry, right? Okay. So, let’s add one here to our project. Now, like some of the other visualizations, a donut visualization does rely on data from a freeform table. So, I’m going to add it right here to my marketing channels table. I’m going to drag it and right above it.
Now you can see that it didn’t actually attach itself to marketing channels, it attached itself to top pages, which is above there, but I’m going to do that right here and go marketing channels. And now we have our marketing channels attached to that donut visualization. So yeah, it’s very basic. It’s basically focusing on the metric, right? So we’re looking at 100% of the metric, and how does that break out between the different items? So, it is most helpful when there are only a few items because otherwise we’d have, a ton of things around the donut here, and it might be hard to digest that information. Now, if you do have a lot of items in your list, in the list of the table, you can select just some of them, right? So let me just grab, for example, the top three here and now you can see that I do just have those top three, and it’s easier to read that donut chart, but remember that it, that’s not really all of the page views for all of the marketing channels, it’s just treating these three and having those add up to 100% and then saying the different percentages for those. So, it’s very valuable to be able to do just so, a portion of your items there, but just make it clear to your analysts that that is what’s going on, so that they aren’t wondering where in this case where natural search and social network numbers are. Now, if you’re happy with that visualization, you can also go up to this dot right here and you can either, remove the data source, so I can remove the table if I only really need the chart or I can also lock the selection. And that’s because I’ve selected these three here, I can lock that, and it’s like, do you want to lock it by position? So always a top three, or do you always want those specific three items to show up in the chart? So you have your choice there and I’ll just leave it on selected positions. Anyway, that’s pretty much it with the donut visualization. I hope that was helpful. Good luck. -

For more information, please visit the documentation.