Magento Analysis Workspace Template magento-analysis-workspace-template

Introduces the Magento Marketing and Commerce template for Analysis Workspace. This is targeted at users of Magento, but it can be leveraged by any online retailer. It includes pre-built insights for retailers on your commerce activities to help you improve sales.

This is Ben Gaines with Adobe Analytics Product Management. And in this video, I want to share new template that we’ve added to Analysis Workspace, specifically for the Magento customers who also use Adobe Analytics, but also of use to anyone who is into online retail. To access this template, as with any of the Analysis Workspace templates, I’m gonna go to Create New Project. And the Magento template can be found down here, it’s called Magento Marketing and Commerce. It’s also under Standard Templates, as with all of the templates that Adobe has built and added to Analysis Workspace. I can launch the template by clicking on it and hitting Create, as with any of the templates, this is designed to give an overview. So, the first thing that you see is your Order and Revenue data by Marketing Channel. And you actually see it here across multiple attribution models, so you can view it both across First-Touch and Last-Touch at a visitor level. As with any template, these are made to be customized and to be explored by you and your team. So, for example, if I wanted to do a break down, I can select Countries from the left and drag it and drop it onto any of these dimensions or any of these values such as the Email channel, and I can very quickly see how my orders and revenue break down by different countries in the world. Scrolling down you can see that we provide multiple views of conversion, as well as, where that conversion is coming from through referring domains, as well as, top landing pages. We also provide some general traffic data, visits over time, as well as, visits that came from a referrer, and a tracking code. As with any of the templates in Analysis Workspace, anomaly detection and Contribution Analysis are fully embedded, so I can mouse over any of these data points to see where an anomaly occurred. In this case, Visits with a Referrer, were 43% below expected on June 25th. So, I could explore that further by doing Contribution Analysis or just by digging into that data point any way that I prefer. We provide some detail on your marketing activities in the form of top key words and top search engines, as well as, top referring domains and landing pages. And then we also provide some cohort analysis and I would strongly encourage you to review our video documentation on cohort analysis to understand Latency tables which is the view that we provide here to give you a sense of what these purchasers were doing up to two weeks before and two weeks after they made their purchase. Continuing down below, we look at Days Between Visits to give you a sense of how frequently your customers are returning to your site. We provided a geography view, a map, to give you a sense of where in the world you’re purchasers are located. And then, at the very bottom, we provide a Marketing Channel Attribution view that uses Attribution IQ to give you insight into things like how different channels performed across different attribution models and of course, you can add your own attribution models here, as well, using Attribution IQ. We also provide a Venn diagram to show the overlap between your most popular marketing channels. And then, insight into number of Touchpoints Per Journey and all of the other things that you’ve come to expect from Attribution IQ. As I mentioned at the beginning, this template was designed specifically for Magento users who are also users of Adobe Analytics, but all of the data in this template is generally available as long as you have a standard E-commerce implementation of Adobe Analytics. So, we hope that you’ll get value out of this template, even if you’re not yet a Magento customer with Adobe.