Analyzing User Behavior Across Channels analyzing-user-behavior-across-channels

Learn how to discover users’ paths to conversion in mobile apps using Flow and compare it with other experiences such as web. Define and measure conversion in multi-step processes to drive success to your mobile apps.

As a product manager, it is a challenge to break down data silos and understand user behavior across touchpoints. Adobe Analytics flexible data ingestion methods allow me to collect data from almost any source through APIs and SDKs. Once I have all my channels integrated, I can understand my user behavior in a single report. In this video, I cover how to leverage web and mobile user behavior to optimize my mobile app experience. I use example of a retail app with a multistep process to convert to an online order. Here I have a flow visualization. It help me analyze the screens or pages users go through before converting. For this example, I focus on the last steps of the process. I want to know what users do after they look at the product details in the app. I see that users after going to the product details, they’re going to the first step of the purchase process, then to second step, and finally, they make it to the Purchase Confirmation screen. Let’s see what happens in the web experience. Here I have my first step of the purchase process. Users are going to the second step, and finally they make it to the Thank You screen. This is a flow I really care about because it drives revenue to my app and retail business. The next step is to see how my mobile app users compare to my web users. For this, I have set up a funnel and added the steps to conversion.
Here I have set up the first step of the purchase, the second step, and finally, the Thank You confirmation screen. Here I can compare my two segments from my mobile users and my web users, site-to-site. Here I see my mobile app is way more effective converting my users. Almost 40% of my mobile users are converting versus only 20% of my web users. Here I have an opportunity to aggressively grow my mobile app user base and increase revenue. Analyzing the entire multichannel user behavior in a single report helps our team build better products, identify, new opportunities, and optimize user experiences. -