Segment Management and Sharing in Adobe Analytics segment-management-and-sharing-in-adobe-analytics

You can create great segments, but why keep them to yourself? In this video, you’ll learn some tips for sharing and managing your segments, so that you and others can enjoy the goodness.

Hey everybody, it’s Doug. In this video, I want to show you some tips on managing and sharing your segments in Analysis Workspace. Now I’m here in the Segment Builder, and I’ve created this segment, which is Watch product pages, so any watch related products or product pages. So I put this title in here, hopefully this is descriptive enough, in most cases, and, if not, I’ve added this description so people can get a little more information. And, so, that’s, you know, tip number one is make sure that you have a good title. And, so, that’ll be really easy to add without people really having to go to the description, and then, you know, of course, if they want a little more information then you can put something more complete in the description field so they can see that, and I’ll show you where that shows up in the interface in a second. Now, additionally, you can add tags. So I’ve added Products as a tag here. You could add, let’s say, maybe it’s your department or your group, I’ll write Marketing and hit enter, and that is now a tag as well. And I’ll show you where those show up as well. Anyway, so we create that, these are just, as you can see, hits where product contains the word watch. So let me save that.
And that, of course, shows up down here in our segments list, and it’s at the very top. So, of course, that’s another tip I guess, is that when you create a segment it will come to the top of the segments page and you can use it and you can, you know, drop it right in there as soon as you want to. In fact, let’s go ahead and do that, and we can drop it right in. And then we’ll see that everything is affected, of course, by that segment. You’ll see our products, all our different watches, even our pages are ones that have watches as well, and the, of course, shopping pages as well as we have purchased watches. But getting back to management, et cetera, you can also look at this little information bubble, whether it’s up here or whether it’s down here in the list, you click on that info bubble and it’ll show you, of course, the description as well as a title. So you can get more information and, you know, of course, that’s the same over here. And, you know, you can go in and edit that if you want to as well. Now I mentioned the tags. If we go back out here and we go up to the Search component, this is where we can see the tags. So if I type in a pound sign and then type in Products, then I’ll get that tag and I can select it. And then I’ll get all the different things that I have tagged as having to do with products there, including this segment. So if you had a lot of segments and you say, “Well, what are all my product segments?” Then I can, you know, just type in that pound sign and then products, and then I’ll get the list of items there that I have tagged as such. Now I’ll go ahead and hit Command + S to save any of those changes, and then I’m going to go up here to the Components menu, and if I click on that, you’ll see that I can go into the Segments here. And this is really, kind of, where you’re going to manage your segments per se.
And this list comes up of my segments. And, so, I’ve got my Watch product pages, right there, and when I select that, then I have all these items up here at the top, and I can do these activities up here. Now I also said we would talk about sharing. So once you’ve selected that, you can hit Share. You’ll see one Segment Selected, so you can do this, you know, for more than one segment at a time, if you’d like to, and then you can share this out to different individuals or groups here, as you can see, and you can also select those groups or just everybody in the organization. And, so, here’s your users, you know, you can search for those. If you wanted to search for everybody named Chris, then you would, of course, limit that list, and then you can select the different Chris and Christopher’s there. And you can share that out to them, or again, just to different groups. Now, one of the other things you can do here is you can also approve this, and it’s really just, kind of, putting, you know, a stamp of approval on this. And it’s one of the other things that, when you search, you can search for just the items that have been officially approved, you know, for your use, and, so, that’s just another thing you can do. And if I select that, you’ll see that it has this little fancy check mark there, and, so, now you know that it’s approved. And, once again, when you are searching in the components, you can just search for items that have been approved. So, again, if that’s important to you, to kind of be able to have this stamp of approval on certain things, then you can do that as well. In any case, some of the other management, obviously, as you can see up here, you can Rename them, Delete them, you can Copy them, Export, et cetera, but this is where you will do most of your management of the segments and sharing as well. But, again, I just kind of wanted to show you those few other things that you can, kind of, set up in the Segment Builder so that it’s easier to find and use the segments in the UI. Hope this has been helpful, have a great day. -

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