Updating AppMeasurement When Not Using Experience Platform Launch updating-appmeasurement-when-not-using-adobe-launch

This video shows you how to update your appMeasurement code when you are not using Adobe Experience Platform Launch. This includes where to get the code and where to update it.

In this video I want to show you how to update your AppMeasurement code if you are not yet using Launch by Adobe. So, in other words, you might not be using a tag management system at all, or you might be using a tag management system that is not Adobe Launch. In either case, you are going to need to update the code. So if you’re using a different TMS, then wherever you have the code that you’ll see me update here, that’s where you’ll need to update it in your other tag management solution. If you’re using Adobe Launch, then it is super easy to update your AppMeasurement code and it’s really just a click of a button, but if you’re not yet using Launch, which you should be, I’m just saying, but if you’re not yet, then this is how you’re gonna update your AppMeasurement code to the latest version. Okay, so I’ve got a basic little demo page here and if I look at the source, you can see I have some very basic analytics code and I am pointing to my AppMeasurement file, myAppMeasurement.js, and I’ll click on that. And that comes up, and you can see that if I scroll down, I have AppMeasurement 1.6.4, which is pretty old, so if you have a version this old you really should update. So where do you do that? How do you get the code to do that? Well, lucky for you it is self-serve, so you just need to go into Adobe Analytics, and I’m going to click into Adobe Analytics here. Now I’ve gone to Admin and Code Manager, so you do have to have access to the Admin tools here, or these Admin selections in order to get to the Code Manager. If you don’t have that kind of access, then find somebody on your team that does so that they can get into the Code Manager. Then, it’s just this very top one here, JavaScript (new), and it’ll show you that the latest version is 2.10.0, and then you can simply download that by clicking on JavaScript (new) and that will download and I’ll click on that.
And here are all the files that are part of that that zip file and what I need is simply AppMeasurement.js in this case. So I’m just gonna double click on that, and I know that for my system, it’s just gonna open here in BBEdit. So I have the file that was in that download that was just called AppMeasurement.js, and you’ll see that it not only has the AppMeasurement code down here, but it also does include the AppMeasurement module for the activity map, so you can leave that in and put that in, or you can leave it out and just start after that, whichever one you want. So I’m going to use all of it, so I’m gonna say all and copy that. Now, you need to replace the code that is in your AppMeasurement file, so I have mine called myAppMeasurement.js, and if I scroll down you can see here that I have my AppMeasurement code down here at the bottom. I’m just going to select that and actually just get rid of it, and now you see that I don’t have any code and I can just paste the new code.
And there it is. So now I have this 2.10.0 code in there and I can save that. I haven’t uploaded that to my server yet, so let me jump back to my file and you can see in the simple test page here that when I run that and it comes up with this hit, you’ll see that it is going to my tracking server and it has my reports suite ID right here. And then a couple of items later it has this 1.6.4, or this JS-1.6.4, and that is the version of the AppMeasurement code that I am using. So that does match that code. Again if we look at that you can see that that’s 1.6.4, and it’s also down here, that’s really just a comment up there, but here’s the actual version of the code down here, 1.6.4 and we want to update that, like we just have to 2.10.0. So now that it’s saved I’ll just upload that to my server real quick…
That’s in myAppMeasurement.js, replace, we’re good.
Go back to my page, and you might need to go in and clear the browsing data just to get rid of the cache, so I’m going to do that.
And I’m going to refresh the page and now when I select my hit, you can see that I have the new code right here, 2.10.0. If you want, you can also look at the source of this page and go into that measurement and scroll down and see that I do, indeed, have that AppMeasurement module for the activity map that we pasted in, as well as the 2.10.0 version of the code. So, pretty easy, you just need to replace the code that is in your AppMeasurement file, and you can get that right in the Code Manager of the UI and that’s that, so good luck!
If you use a non-Adobe tag management solution, you must treat AppMeasurement updates as if you were using no tag management solution. Meaning, wherever you have your AppMeasurement code, that’s where you perform the update (retrieve the new code and replace the old code in the file or in the TMS). If you use Experience Platform Launch, updates are quick and easy and no code needs to be copied or pasted.