View Density in Analysis Workspace view-density-in-analysis-workspace

The View Density setting under Project > Project Info & Settings allows you to control the vertical padding applied to the left rail and tables (Freeform & Cohort). You can choose between Expanded (default), Comfortable, or Compact.

Hi, this is Jen Lasser with Adobe Analytics Product Management. In this video, I’m gonna show you how you can change the view density within your Workspace projects. The view density is the padding that we apply on the left rail in free form tables and in cohort tables.
To change the view density, you’ll wanna go to Project, Project Info & Settings.
Down at the bottom, we’ve added a new View Density section. We default to Expanded but you can change this to Comfortable or Compact and notice, as I’m making this change, the padding on the left rail and in the tables expands or contracts. So, as I move to Comfortable, we get a little bit bigger and if we go back to the default Expanded, we’re at the largest padding that we offer. So, if you’ve long wanted to show more data within your tables or even on the left rail, this is a great setting for you to use. Hit Compact and click Save and now you can see our project is a lot more condensed. Hope you guys enjoy this new setting.