Quick Calculated Metrics in Analysis Workspace quick-calculated-metrics-in-analysis-workspace

Now you can build calculated metrics on the fly within Analysis Workspace. If you’re looking to do a quick percent change or division with a few metrics in your freeform table, just select the metrics from the header, right click and pick the operator you want. The new calculated metric will appear on the right.

Hi everyone, this is Justin from Adobe Analytics Product Management. I just want to show you a cool new feature called Quick Calculated Metrics where you can build calculated metrics on the fly for your reporting and dashboard. So you don’t have to go into the traditional Components, Calculated Metrics here For example, here we have a Freeform table, some metrics here in different columns I want to know page events, divided by visits I want to know the number of page events per visit. I will select the two metrics, right click, and click Create metric from selection. It gives me a number of operators I can choose from over here Divide, Subtract, Add, Multiply, Percent Change, or I can still open it in the Calculated Metric Builder. I’ll click Divide, and it’ll give me the page events divided by visits. The logic is, the left first as the numerator and then the right one as the denominator or from an add subtract as this is the left and then the right, as the object orders. So that’s how it works, it doesn’t have to be metrics next to each other, it can be just the metrics that you want. I’m highlighting page views divided by visits and it’ll give me page views per visit. If I just choose one metric, it’ll give me different selections to choose from in this case, Mean, Median, Max, Min and Sum. So I can find the average number of visits for last month or two then I can do another calculated metric. To save, just click right and go into Edit Component, which I can retitle and save as a new calculated metric. Lastly, this also works on already existing calculated metrics that you’ve built, In this case I have an Average Time Spent on Site and then a Page Views per visit, and I can right click and do a Divide to get an Average Time Spent per Sites to a Page Views per Visits division if that makes sense to you guys. Hope you have fun with it and thanks for watching . -