Understanding Basic Visitor Metrics

Learn about Page Views, Visits, and Visitors in Adobe Analytics.

  • Get definitions of these basic visit metrics and learn about their similarities and differences.

  • Learn the various terms (synonyms or keywords) associated with visitor metrics and Website traffic.

  • View a sample Workspace project that shows how these metrics are displayed in the interface.

Hey everybody this is Doug in this video I want to talk about Basic Visitor’s Metrics or you can see here key Adobe Analytics Visitors Metrics. So there ar the really main 3 that you are going to look at when you are talking about most basic of analytics metrics so you’ve got visitor visit and page view and many time people start at the bottom with the page just being as you can seen here being counted for each server called that is sent or a page comes up and we count that as a page view. I’m going to get to the side note here in a second when you have multiple page views or you’ve come to a site and go do one or more pages that is considered as a visit so you can see here visit is a sequence of page views in a sitting. The visits metric is commonly used in reports that display the number of user sessions within the selected time period. Again just think of it as somebody coming to your site and going to one or more pages. Now the difference between a visit and what you might think of a session is that a session closes when you close the browser right you’re done. But a visit in analytics this is very standard in the industry a visit is over when there is a time out period reached. So for example 30 minutes. When there is a time period of 30 minutes for no more pages are viewed and therefore no more hits are sent to Adobe Analytics then that visit is closed. So technically if you open the browser you went to 4 pages and you closed it and you open it right away again and went to some other pages it would continue the same visit. So just again most of the time it’s a session but again the technical definition of a visit does include that timeout period as opposed to the closing of a browser for example. And of course the top one is the number of visitors of the number unique users that comes to your site for a certain time period. And of course a visitor might have one or more sessions or visits during a given time period and a visit they might go to of certain number of pages. So hopefully that allows you to see the relationship there between those. So some the other words you might hear about this is people are asking you question and you’re trying to find out answers for maybe your CEO or CMO or who ever wants to know about what’s going on your site. They might say ‘Hey how many people come to our page’ you know daily or whatever. So then’s that’s visitors. They might say users and in reality it is actually devices. So if a person comes to your page on one device and then come another one they are seen as 2 visitors. And they might ask for a visit or sessions or how many times people come to the site you going to have to sometimes translate a little bit of what people asking you for when you map that to the different metrics you have on your site. And of course the page use sometimes people talk about those as hits. An some other vendors will use some of those same terms and so you can see that here. Now let me go to analytics to the interface for just a second and will look at how this looks in the report.
So you can see here that I have some basic metrics in my report. And I have dragged over from the left hand side unique visitors, visits and page views. So you can see that I have those for any given time period in this case daily numbers for how many different people came to my site and of those people how many total visits so you can see that’s a little bit more so some people are coming one time on that day. And some people came twice who knows maybe some people came three times. And then on those visits how many total pages so you can see here that it’s about maybe on average two and half page views per visit the people are seeing on your site on June 1 here. So again that’s the relationship here between unique visitors visits and page views and if I scroll down and I’ve also added a table here about the different pages. So now we can start looking for different dimensions and will talk more about those in another video. But you can see here that for example for the home page at a given time period we have a time period setup as the current month, this is actually only a partial month and for the time period we can see there were 21,014 page views for the home page so the home page is brought up that many times. It was in this many visits and it was this many people that did it so then you can also assign those basic traffic metrics not only overall to your site but also to individual dimensions or pieces or a pages or kinds of users etc on your site.