Adding side-by-side comparisons of Attribution IQ Models in Analysis Workspace adding-side-by-side-comparisons-of-attribution-iq-models-in-analysis-workspace

In this video, learn how to quickly compare Attribution IQ models, including an auto-created column that shows the percent difference between the two models’ numbers.

Hey everybody, this is Doug, in this video, I want to give you a quick tip when comparing attribution models in attribution IQ. Now you’ll see that I have a freeform table here of marketing channels and I’ve put in my orders metric, and I’ve actually changed this to use the last touch attribution IQ attribution model. So, if I wanted to compare another attribution model to this, I could in fact, simply drag over orders, let’s try that and then change that to another model, let’s go with first touch and apply that and now I am comparing the last touch and the first touch attribution model and I can look at these and say, okay, this one’s bigger here, this one is smaller there, et cetera and I can look at that, but another little tip that I can do, let me get rid of that one instead of adding them and looking at them and, and depending on the report that I’m looking at, you know, might be a long list of stuff that I’m having to compare, you know, maybe I’m not in marketing channels, maybe I’m in a different report that has a lot of items in it. In any case, the tip is that you can simply right click on the metric and compare attribution models, there it is.
And now I can add the first touch and not only is that quicker, but it’s also going to add automatically a percent change for me so now it’s going to compare last touch and first touch, and it’s going to give me a comparison number and it’s going to give me the percentage of the first one, that the second one is, right, so I don’t know how to say that, I guess, but you can see that the first touch orders is 98% of the last touch orders. So now you can see in this case, which ones are better at first touch and which ones are better at last touch and it’s an easy view because it’s also been automatically color-coded. So, anyway, just a quick tip there for comparing attribution models in attribution IQ, -