Set an Analysis Workspace project as your landing page set-an-analysis-workspace-project-as-your-landing-page

Learn about an effective way to easily get novice users into workspace analysis project data.

Hi I’m Ben Gaines with Adobe Analytics Product Management. I wanna share with you a new feature that has just been released into Analysis Workspace and into Adobe Analytics as of October 15th, 2015. And that is the ability to set various aspects of Analysis Workspace as your landing page in Adobe Analytics and as the landing page of your colleagues. There are two places where I’m gonna do this, the first is you can see here, in the project launch page, this is where I land when I click to enter Analysis Workspace. There is a new Set As Landing Page link. And if I click that link, I’ll get a notification that this has been set as my landing page. And now the next time I log in, I’ll actually do this in another tab.
So if I log in, I will be taken directly … to … that page. That just makes it a lot easier for me if Analysis Workspace is the tool that I use most frequently or it’s where I do most of my analysis. This just makes it easier for me to get into that workflow and to get my project created. I don’t have to wait for a dashboard to load, or a report to load, in Reports and Analytics. The other place where I can do this is if I, I’ll just open up an existing project here.
And that should load the previously saved version. And now, when this loads, if I go to share, if I’ve curated it, or if I just want to share it as is, I now have this option to set it as the landing page for the people I’m sharing with. And that will cause them to see it, to be directly to this project when they log into Adobe Analytics. Which is great because with curation, and with sharing, hopefully you’ve got some of your users who are able to self-serve with this data and have this be kind of their primary method for doing reporting and analysis in Adobe Analytics. So if I share that with them, this will be set now as their landing page and it’ll be what they see when they log into Analytics. Now, if I wanna set this as my own landing page, I can come in here under More, and hit Set as Landing Page. And that will cause this project to be set as my own landing page if I wanna skip past the Project Launch page, and always open this project when I log into Adobe Analytics.