Manage your calculated metrics

Learn how to manage your calculated metrics, including finding them, seeing a list, renaming, deleting, sharing, etc.

Hey, everybody, it’s Doug. Just want to talk to you for a minute about managing calculated metrics. So when I say managing calculated metrics, I just kind of mean everything except their creation. We’ll talk about how to create calculated metrics in another video. But I just want to talk about kind of everything else. And that is, how do we find them? How do we work with them? Where can I see a list of them? All those kinds of good things like that. So let’s start off with a list. First of all, one way that we can see a list is just in this metrics dialog here. And you can tell this by a little calculator here. These are calculated metrics. So if you want to kind of do a show all right here, you can see those up at the top. And if I have any others down below, I don’t know that I do, then those would show up. There’s some as well. So these are all calculated metrics as well. So that’s one way to kind of see which calculated metrics you already have. I’ll get to another way here. And that is in this components drop down. So let me go ahead and save this because by the way, when you go to the components, items, you will either need to save or lose any changes that you’ve made. So I’ll go to components and calculated metrics. And this will bring up my actual list of calculated metrics here without all the other ones around them. So you can just see what you already have. So if you’re kind of like going to wait a minute, I already create that calculated metric, can’t remember if I finished that or etc. Then you’ll be able to see here. And if you click on one of them, I’ll just click on this one. This will open it up in the builder so that you can see exactly how it was built, etc. And so I’m going to go ahead and cancel out of that. It’ll take me right back to my list. And in here, you know, when you select them, you’re going to get a bunch of options here. Of course, you can add a new calculated metric right here and go to the builder, you can tag, share, delete, etc. rename it, approve it, we’ll give it a little checkmark and copy and export when you export it actually just exports kind of this list right here, the ones that you have selected in this metadata here. And let’s go back and back and back. So take us back to our project. And of course, as far as applying calculated metrics, it’s like any metric. And that is just dragging and dropping onto your canvas or into your project, maybe into some freeform tables. So for example, I’ll just bring this one in here. And I can actually drag it here. And then I would want to put a dimension in there, I’ll just grab visit number and drop it in there. That can show me my customers and how many basically how many customers are on different visits, you know, and those kinds of things. So in any case, you know, just dragging and dropping any of your metrics, including calculated metrics, onto your canvas into your project here, into freeform tables, etc. Another thing you can do, which is kind of cool is when you create them. And I think I did this to this video completion percentage. Let me go into this one and I can get a quick you know, what is it on this little info bubble here. And you can see that I added a tag. And that is done right in the builder. So if I go into the builder, you’ll see I added a tag here and I just typed it in and added this tag of video, let me cancel back out of that. When you add those tags, they also become something that you can search on. So if I had a bunch of calculated metrics, or even a bunch of segments as well, things that I had tagged as video, I can go up here and I can do one of two things either this filter, click this and then find video. It’s down here somewhere right there. Or as you can see, I can also put up this hash mark and just type in video. And that will give me all the items that have been tagged as video. So that’s another quick way to find your calculated metrics that you might have tagged to be kind of in a little category. Once again, if you kind of want to know what’s in that calculated metric or how it was created, you can just go to the little info bubble, you can see the formula right here, can see the sparkline there, some tips on what is frequently used with, again, the tags, when it was created, and who did that and stuff like that. And again, go in if you want to edit that and completely edit that and save, or even make changes into a save as that’s very helpful. I use that quite often, especially if I’m making calculated metrics or a group of calculated metrics that are similar, I will create one, I’ll go in and edit one, change it a little bit into a save as and it saves me a lot of time. So anyway, I hope that was helpful. Just a few things on managing your calculated metrics. Good luck.