Set the granularity for visualizations

A granularity selector is available for trended visualization settings to allow you to very easily adjust how your data is displayed.

Hi this is Jen Lasser with Adobe Analytics Product Management. In this video I’m going to demonstrate a new Granularity feature that we’ve added to our trended visualizations. So trended visualizations are always sourced from a free form table that has a time dimension as its rows. So I’m gonna go ahead and drag over Orders here and we’ll automatically default to a time dimension for you, down the rows. Here, we’ve chosen day.
Next, I’m going to add my visualization on top of it, so I’ll choose a line graph here. I could also choose a bar and area chart as well and I’m going to go ahead and just shrink this down, so you can see both the table and the visualization at the same time. So, the feature that we’ve added is in the Visualization Settings gear here and it’s the Granularity option. You can now change both the line graph and its source table to a different Granularity on the fly. So let’s say we want to change this daily trend to a weekly trend and go ahead and select that. We can go all the way up to year and all the way down to the minute. So rather than having to unhide a source table, let’s say you had this hidden and you were just looking at the chart, rather than having to unhide that table drag in a new dimension and rehide it, you can now simply make this Granularity change straight from the dropdown in the Visualization Settings. So I hope you guys enjoy this and it saves you a lot of time. -

The granularity setting will adjust both the graph & the source table, saving you the steps of unhiding & manipulating the table.