Getting Help in Adobe Analytics

At some point, we are all going to need help with Adobe Analytics. This videos shows you some of the great resources that are at your fingertips as you hit a snag and need some help.

Everybody. It’s Doug in this video. I just want to show you the basic ways to get some help. If you’re in Adobe Analytics and you really need help with something. Now, the first place I’m going to show you is over here on the left rail. You’ll see this little arrow here. If I click on that and actually brings me over to this left part here where you can choose the projects you can open. You can go to reports, which is another way to look at your data. And then you can go to this page here called Learning. And these are just some hand-selected videos and tours and tutorials that can help you with analytics. It’s not exhaustive, but it is a good way to get started, you know, finding insights and understanding the data so you can kind of look through these and see what is there for you. Now, if you want something very specific, because this is really more like, Hey, let me just kind of get going and get my feet wet a little bit. But if you know what you are looking for, then the best place for you to go is what we call experience league. Now you can get there from here. Simply by clicking on this link up here on the on the right side visit experience link. So if I click on that, opens up a new tab and it’ll actually go to the analytics documentation. But there’s also not only the documentation guides here. If you scroll down, you can see there are tutorials right here and you can click all tutorials right there. Now there’s a really easy way to get there as well, and if you go up to learn, you can go to tutorials over here. There’s kind of a home page for analytics there as well. But if you go to the tutorials and then go to analytics, then you’ll see here, you know, a bunch of different tutorials. Let’s say, you know, an analysis, workspace analysis, workspace basics. And you can see here there’s a lot of different videos there for all of these different folders in the left navigation. So again, you can go to the documentation and get help. You can go here to the tutorials and see some videos on how to get help. You can go once again to the learning section there. Now, once you’re in a project, let me go ahead and just open a project and you’re working around you looking for stuff and everything and you’re like, Well, I really need to know about that one thing. So you can go up here to this question mark right up here. You can search for something very specific. Maybe it’s segment builder. I want to be able to build some segments. You can then click on this will take you into experience league once again. See right there, experience like this actually takes you into the tutorials and takes you right to the segment builder video there. So you can learn how to use the segment builder. Go back to the product here and then head back because there’s other things here in this help section where you can go once again, right to the documentation. You can go to the release notes to see what’s new. You can even go to the community and talk to your peers. You can submit a ticket to customer care if there’s a problem. You can even see how the system is running with status there and go to some developer information as well. So there’s lots of ways for you to get help. But I would say first and foremost, really your best bet is to go to experience league. Go back over here and really, you know, you can just go straight to experience like Adobe dot com and you can go to the documentation. You can go to the tutorials. There are in addition to that, some courses you can even learn more about certification and also how to go to some instructor led courses as well. So lots of options there for you. Hope this is helpful on how to get help. Take care.