Bullet Graph Visualization in Analysis Workspace bullet-graph-visualization-in-analysis-workspace

Bullet graphs are a useful way to show progress toward (or in excess of) a goal in your analysis. They provide you with another way to visualize your organization’s success.

Hey everybody, this is Doug. In this video, I want to talk about the bullet visualization, we’ll add it to our project, talk about why we use it and configure it a little bit as well. So you can see in my project I have a daily revenue for this month, that’s what I’m using up here is this month in this panel, and so I’ve got my days, I’ve got my revenue numbers here, it’s actually almost the end of the month as I record this, so we’re down here, almost at the end of the month, so I’ve got a little bit left and we’re up at 15.7 mil, okay. So, we’re going to add a bullet visualization to our project, so I’m going to grab it and drag it in right above here and drop it in. Then of course, I’m going to make sure that the data source is pointing at the right table, and it is, daily revenue, this month, okay, sounds good. We can turn off the table if I only care about viewing the bullet visualization, which would be fine, especially once we get it configured. So let me click out of that, but first let’s talk about why we use it. So the bullet visualization, you can see, it kind of looks like a horizontal bar chart, but it’s a little bit different than that, even though you can see right now, it does show that amount. So if you don’t configure it, I guess it is a horizontal bar chart as we are at 15.7 mil and you can see over here, that’s what we’re at right there, but that’s not really the purpose for using the bullet visualization. If I go up to the configuration wheel here, you can see here that the purpose of the bullet visualization is to be able to see our progress toward our goals. So we put in our goals and let’s say that our regular goal is that 15 million, get to the right numbers there, and we’re going to be in trouble if we’re at anything lower than 14 million, da da da, da da da, there we go, and our stretch goal is 16, let’s say that. Da da da, da da da, okay.
And so once we put those goals in there, the high, mid and low goal, you’ll see that it added that in the background and so I’m just going to click out of that, and you can see that this green bar is the current amount, right, and that will grow over time, depending upon our calendar over here. So, I got this month, I got a rolling this month, 'cause I always want to know this month’s numbers. So, like I have down here, daily revenue this month, maybe I can change something here instead of just saying just bullet to something like, this month’s revenue progress, or something like that. And again, we’re right here at the end of the month and you can see we’re doing great because we have reached our mid goal and we are almost to our high goal and in a couple of days when it turns over to a new month, this will start over again because I’ve set the rolling date there. And then we’ll be able to see the progress as it moves forward and the green bar grows, throughout the month, we’ll be able to see our progress. So again at this point, if we don’t need those actual daily numbers up there, we just want this to be able to show where we’re at, we can click on the dot up here and we can remove the data source and that will have that go away, now the table’s not there any more and we just see this visualization. So pretty easy, pretty basic to get that up there and going. The only thing that I also recommend is maybe right clicking here and editing the description.
So, in here, maybe you can say something like, dark gray equals low goal, medium gray equals mid goal and light gray equals high goal or stretch goal or whatever, right? So if we decide to put that in or maybe a different or better message and submit that, and that can give the people who are looking at that a little bit better idea of what these actually mean over here. In any case, you can see that this is a pretty good visualization again, to track your progress for any goals, whether that be revenue or any other conversions on your site, et cetera. Hope that was helpful, good luck. -

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