Freeform table totals in Analysis Workspace

Learn what affects the totals in freeform tables, as well as how to enable and disable them.

Hi, this is Jen Lasser with Adobe Analytics Product Management. In this video, I’m going to show you some new updates we’ve made to Freeform Table totals including the options to completely remove the totals and easily remove the unspecified or none row from any report.
In Freeform Tables today, if you bring over a dimension and metrics, at the top of each column you have a total of metrics that you’re looking at. Today you only have a single total which has long represented the grand total or reports sweep total. Which is all hits that have been collected to a report sweep. That number would only be effected by segmentation. But it wouldn’t change if you applied a filter to a table. Now, you see two numbers, in black is the table total, which is effected by segmentation as well as report filters, and the out of grand total which is also called the report sweep total and can be effected by segmentation only. So let’s take a look at this. If you apply a filter to look for pages that contain the word purchase, and hit apply, notice that that table total adjusts to seventy three hundred visits and twenty two thousand occurrences.
The out of number stays the same because we’re still looking at the same grand total hits.
The percentages for each of the metrics are now based on that filtered total, so you can see for each row how that contributes to the overall visits that you’re looking at. They make a little bit more sense for occurrences where there is no duplication. You may have noticed, when I was in there applying a filter, that we’ve also added a very easy way to include or exclude the unspecified row. For page and props we have long, not shown unspecified by default so this box will be unchecked, whereas for eVars and other dimensions that have unspecified, we will check that box by default for you. But you can very easily change that, so if you want to include unspecified in the table here you hit apply, we see our full report from before, plus the new unspecified row and now you see our table total and grand total add up to the same numbers.
Let’s take a look at another dimension. So marketing channels, this is one like eVars that is always included and specified so if you want to remove that, click the filter and just uncheck the box and hit apply.
Now you see the table total is a subset of the grand total as expected.
If, for some reason, you still don’t want to see the totals or if you just want to turn off that out of total you can do that on your column settings. We’ve added a couple options. The first is to remove the grand total so I uncheck that box. Notice that I just see a single total. This might be preferred if you don’t want to have to explain the difference to your users.
Also, you can select, show totals, which will turn all totals off all together. Sometimes this is desired when you are using a calculated metric and maybe the total row isn’t calculated to your liking or the number just doesn’t make sense. So you have full control over the total that you see in each individual column and as always you can multi-select and update settings across the columns at once if you’d like to do that as well.
So this has been an overview of the updates we made to Freeform Total Tables as well as adding the option to easily remove none and unspecified and we hope you guys are just as excited as we are to start trying these out in Analysis Workspace.