Download the Data feed authentication key

Creating a data feed allows Adobe to know where to send raw data files, and what you would like to include in each file. SFTP support for data feeds is available in Analytics. It requires an SFTP host, username, and the destination site to contain a valid RSA or DSA public key. You can download the appropriate public key when creating the feed.

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will discuss how to download data feed authentication key.
After logging into Experience Cloud, go to Analytics, Click on admin, and then data feeds.
Here, add a new data feed. Under the destination type, select the task SFTP.
Download the RSA or DSA public key based on the encryption type of your SFTP server. This would download RSA and DSA encrypted public key on the local machine.
This key could be renamed as authorized_keys and then placed inside .ssh folder of the SFTP server.
Please note, same public key is used in data warehouse and data feed for secure file transfer and delivery.
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