Using the Audio Consumption Template in Analysis Workspace using-the-audio-consumption-template-in-analysis-workspace

This video outlines the Audio Consumption template in Analysis Workspace, which is available out-of-the-box for Audio Analytics.

Hi everyone. This is Danielle Doolin from Adobe. I’m the Product Marketing Manager for video and audio analytics. In this video I’m going to give a brief walk through of our new Audio Consumption Template in Analysis Workspace. This new project is to help you to effectively measure your audio streaming content to know who’s listening, what’s trending, how engaged your listeners are and where are those disruptions in their streaming experience. Once you’ve selected the Audio Consumption Template you’ll see this screen. All panels in this dashboard have the Stream Type Audio selected. You’ll see here that the data is split between Last Week’s historical data and Last Month. At a glance you can tell if your UVs have gone up or down, the average listening time engaged per stream and the percent change in user’s consumption of your audio data. It also provides the list of the Top 5 audio streams for that time period so you can compare overlap, or new audio stream delivery. Now I’ll scroll down to the Current Week delivery. Here we can see what’s trending now amongst your audio content. It highlights important KPIs like Total Audio Starts, Time Spent, and Number of Ads per Stream. Below that, we provide donut charts to split up the data between Content vs Ad Consumption by Device, Player State, and by Country. If you want to avoid hovering over the tool tip to see what it relates to, you can go to the Settings and select Legend Visible.
Next you’ll see a Trend line chart that highlights anomalies in your audio consumption, using our Sensei machine learning capabilities. Evaluate your Unique Visitors and how long they’re staying engaged with your content each day. Head to the top of the panel if you want to extend the Date Range in the Calendar settings to view beyond a week. Finally the last bar chart displays the Audio Delivery by Device Type so you can understand where Drop Off is occurring using core tiles. Troubleshoot areas of concern where users are dropping out early on certain devices, and use the table below to see if it’s because of long buffer duration, excessive bit rate changes or more. We hope you really enjoy the new Audio Template and gain a better understanding of your users’ audio consumption and engagement patterns.

Audio Analytics connects listeners’ streaming audio engagement with their full digital behavior, to understand who’s listening where, when and how often to evaluate user behavior in a commonly fragmented audio marketplace. It enables businesses to measure the reach of their listeners, popularity of their content, and how to keep them engaged based on their behaviors and look-alike modeling.