Using the Project Converter to move projects from Ad Hoc Analysis to Analysis Workspace using-the-project-converter-to-move-projects-from-ad-hoc-analysis-to-analytics-workspace

The Ad Hoc Analysis Project Converter seamlessly converts Ad Hoc Analysis (AHA) projects to Analysis Workspace projects with the click of a button.

Hi, this is Jen Lasser with Adobe Analytics product management. In this video, I’m going to introduce a new feature we’re calling Ad Hoc Analysis Project Converter. The project converter will allow you to seamlessly copy all of your Ad Hoc analysis projects over to Analysis Workspace. So, to take advantage of this new feature, you’ll first need to get the latest version of Ad Hoc Analysis and you can do this through the UI under Tools >Ad Hoc Analysis. Jumping over to Ad Hoc Analysis, I have a project pulled up here that I want to convert. In this project, I have a few different workspaces up here at the top and within each workspace I have a few different reports. So there’ll be two ways that I can convert this project. At the top here I’ll have the option to Convert the current project that I’m in or I’ll be able to go to File > Convert Projects to Analysis Workspace, if I want to convert one or many projects at once. From here, I can select my project or multi-select by holding Control or Command, to grab more than one project and then click Convert.
Convert will pop up a modal, if I have any unsaved changes, it’ll ask me to save them or not, so I’ll go and click Save and then it’ll kick off the conversion process. You’ll notice that a couple of screens flickered there. The conversion happens instantaneously and presents you with a conversion summary when it’s complete. You’ll be able to see the status here of success or failure and remarks if it fails, so you know what you need to change to convert the project in the future.
Let’s hop over to Analysis Workspace, because the projects have converted in real time for us. So, opening up the workspace landing page, we’ll now see the converted projects here in our list. You’ll be able to tell which ones were converted through the tags. We’ve added Ad Hoc Analysis Project there for you. So let’s go ahead and open up Executive KPI project and take a look at how the project we saw on Ad Hoc converted over to Workspace. So, in Analysis Workspace the three work spaces that we saw in Ad Hoc Analysis, will be converted over as panels. So you’ll see we have three panels here of Content, KPIs and Unsupported examples and then we also have a fourth panel for Flow. Let’s take a look really quickly at the first panel here and then I’ll explain why Flow is put into its own panel. So, in Content Analysis we had three different reports. Now we’ll see those here as a table and a companion visualization for the Pages report. We see the Fallout report and then we see the third report of Flow. Now Flow has been replaced with the text box and we’ve moved it to its own panel. We did this so that we could preserve some of the date ranges and segmentation that had been applied to flow in Ad Hoc analysis. The Flow visualization has been moved down to the panel below, but it can easily be copied back up to that original panel if you’d like to. By simply right clicking the visualization, copying it and moving it up to the panel above. While this is loading, I wanted to explain the description that we’ve added to Flow. In some cases, Ad Hoc behaves slightly differently than Analysis Workspace and one good example of that is count repeat instances. In Analysis Workspace we count the repeat instances for the flow visualization, whereas in Ad Hoc Analysis we remove that. So for any places where the behavior is slightly different than expected, we’ve included a description in the spirit of full transparency.
So let me go down really quickly to this last panel, I just wanted to show you a couple of other unsupported visualizations in Analysis Workspace and how we’ve decided to handle them. The first is the Conversion Funnel, this behaves slightly differently than Ad Hoc Analysis. So we’ve converted it over as a table with a horizontal bar visualization. The next is the site analysis visualization. This is something that’s completely unsupported in Analysis Workspace. So we’ve replaced it with a text box and let you know that visualization will not be ported over. For a full list of some of the unsupported features, even though some of them are very small. We’ve included them all in our documentation. We’ll include a link to that in the description of this video. Thanks for watching this video on the Ad Hoc Project Converter. Hope you guys get a lot of use out of it.