Customize Calendar Settings in Adobe Analytics

In this video, learn some tips and tricks, as well as the mechanics of customizing your calendar in Adobe Analytics.

Hi, this is Daniel, I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks on how to modify your calendar settings for Adobe Analytics.
First, starting on the report suite manager screen click on report suite, then select or hover over edit settings, general and then click on customized calendar.
This screen allows you to select the calendar type for your data. Now, this is really important because it affects how your data is timestamped as it is captured. Before I get into the mechanics of how to use and change these settings, I want to share a couple notes. First of all, the data here is not really to be used on a report by report basis. For instance, if you’ve created a report and want to change the timeframe, or the date range of your report, don’t come here to change it, it’s on the screen for the report itself. The changes here should be done once, really, for a good reason and not changed regularly. So, the next note is that changes here affect the data going forward only. If I were to make changes here, for instance, to my calendar type and save them it would affect the hits coming in from now on and not those from the past. So, with those two notes in mind, I’ll share with you how to adjust your settings for your calendar. First of all, you’ll notice that the Gregorian calendar is the default. This is the one where you know, most of us know well, and it starts on January 1st regardless of the day of the week. And the year ends on December 31st, regardless of the day of the week. But there are other options available as well. So we have the modified Gregorian calendar which allows you to select the first month of the year and or the first day of the week, for instance, you could change it to start on a Monday and the month could be like April as the first quarter of the year. Now, for all of these calendar types you’ll notice a preview link here and you can click it and see all 12 months at once to note how your changes would have applied to the entire 12 month period. The next option is the four, five, four retail calendar. This is commonly used in retail businesses and the next option is the custom counter type which allows you to specify the four, five, four pattern. So, it could be four, five, four or four, four, five or five, four, four. And it also allows you to specify the first day of the year and the year in which the extra week occurs. Again, used in retail settings often. So, it’s really that simple, remember that changes here applied going forward only and that these are only to be used as a report suite wide setting not report by report settings. One other note before I’m done with a quick video is that there are some metrics in Analytics that are affected by these directly, for instance, weekly, monthly unique visitors. Those metrics are calculated based on the way your calendar is set up. So be careful to set this up the way that applies best to your business. I hope this is helpful, have a great day. - -