Server Call Usage in Adobe Analytics server-call-usage-in-adobe-analytics

Server Call Usage reporting will make it possible for you to track exactly how much of your server call commitment you’ve used at any point in time, and will also proactively alert you when you are approaching your total commitment.

Hello, I’m Ashok Gorrepati, Project Manager at Adobe Analytics. Today I’m gonna walk you through a brand new feature we are rolling out with Server Call Usage. As most of you are aware, server calls are the unit of currency for analytics, as in customers sign up as part of their contract to a certain number of server calls. They consume against that limit and incur overages if they exceed that limit. Server call usage solves a long standing problem for analytics customers. Server call usage seeks to solve this problem by combining a transparent view of a customer’s server call consumption against their commitment and by way of alert that they can create and manage, that can then prompt a meaningful discussion with their customer success management and sales teams around ways to prevent overages. So let’s dive in. Like I said, server call usage would be available as a replacement for the billing tab. Under the admin section for analytics. The feature itself is a straightforward combination of three distinct views. First we have the current usage tab. The current usage tab would be a visualization of on the server card types you’re entitled to and this would be consistent with your contract and could be different for different customers. For instance your contract could include a commitment for four distinct server card types primary and secondary across your web and mobile app implementations. The second view of the feature is the Report Suite Usage tab that lists a collection of all your report suites across all log in companies tied to your billing contract. The third view and probably the most consequential part of the feature is the option to create and manage Server Call Alert. Once there, you can create alerts that are a combination of your server call type and a threshold that is of interest to you. I can simply drag and drop a server call type into the alert manager.
Select the threshold that is of interest to me, like for instance I would like to be notified when my overall primary call consumption reaches 75%. So I can include the threshold in here and then combine that with the usage period spent. You can choose to send the alert to anyone within your log in company or outside the log in company. Enter the title. I’m gonna call it Test. The granularity with which we check the logic for these alerts is weekly. You can save the alert like I said it is a pretty straightforward feature. Server call usage hopefully would help both monitor your usage relative of the commitment and help avoid those unintended overages going forward. Thanks.

It can be difficult to stay on top of your organization’s server call consumption, leading to frustration around overages. With Server Call Usage reporting, you can track exactly how much of your server call commitment you’ve used at any point in time, and will also proactively alert you when you are approaching your total commitment. The accompanying dashboard allows you to analyze where your server calls are being used, so you can fix runaway implementations or work with colleagues to scale back in places where large volumes of less-valuable data might be getting collected.