Reorder Static Rows in Analysis Workspace

You can manually reorder static rows within freeform table builder. This allows you to arrange table static rows in the exact order you need them - for example, visits, then orders, then conversion rate.

Hey everybody, it’s Doug. In this video, I want to give you a couple of tips on ordering and reordering static rows in analysis workspace. So what do I mean by that? Well, if you are going to bring over a dimension into a freeform table, let’s say I drag pages over or grab that, move it over, it’s going to order those obviously based on the metric that I have there whether this is occurrences or page views, visits whatever it is, it’s going to automatically sort those and order those by the metric that I have there. Well, what if I want these in a very specific order? We have to do something a little bit different. So I’m going to just scroll down we’ll leave that one there and I’m going to grab another freeform table and put that in there. And one of the good use cases for this is metrics. If you want to see some very specific metrics that are your key performance indicators maybe you want to grab those and put them into a table. And if you do that, you’re like, okay let me move those around. But once they get here, it’s too late. You can’t click and drag this. I’m trying to do that but it’s just highlighting everything. So that’s not going to work. And so what you have to do is something a little bit different. Let me get rid of these, I guess I’ll just grab those and get rid of 'em one at a time. And I have my empty table. And instead of just bringing them into the table you need to enable the table builder. You need to order them before you actually build the table. So that’s key. You have to do it before, you have to use a table builder. So I select that. Now I can drag those in, you know, or any number of them. And then you expand them right here, and I have them there. Now you can drag them around and say, okay, revenue I want that up here. And you can see that as I move them. My little thing over here says, add it or replace it. You definitely don’t want to replace it because you know I have four of them now. And if you move revenue up and actually, you know you try to move it right here but you actually end up replacing it, then orders goes away. So I’m going to undo that, bring orders back and if I want to bring revenue right up under orders I have to wait till it gets to that double line and add it right there, and then it’ll reorder that. So right now I have orders and revenue and then I got my pages and visits. So I have my conversion metrics up here. I’ve got my traffic metrics down here. Sounds good. That’s what I want. I can either use all visits there or I can actually drag some segments in. How about just, you know, weekend visits. So I’ll drag that in over here. You can do that with multiple segments if you want as well. And I’m going to go ahead and build that. Now it has it in the order that I want it, right? Again, orders and revenue, my two conversion metrics here. And then I’ve got pages and visits, my traffic metrics. These are now in the exact order that I wanted to look at them in. And great, I’m done, right? But if for some reason I come over here and click on this down arrow to sort them differently which is maybe not something you would do with these different metrics, but since you know you can do it with other things like you know, whether it’s pages or products, or you can do this with anything by using that table builder you might go ahead and sort them by something else. Well, if you do that then you know your special sort goes, bye-bye. So now I have them here in this order, which you know doesn’t really make any sense but I don’t have them in that order anymore. Right now I’ve got revenue and orders is at the bottom and pages and visits are in the middle. So what do I do to get back to what I had before? Well, I can’t just click this one that just reverses the sort here. And I can’t even click this one because now clicking over here on the metrics just sorts them alphabetically. And so now I have, you know, visits, revenue, pages, orders or if I click it again, you know the reverse. But again, it’s alphabetical. And so how do I get back to that very special order that I wanted? Well, you can actually go up here to the pencil and you go back to the builder. Now the first time it’ll give you this warning to say, well any changes are going to be lost. You want to proceed? Yes. And now I’m back to my order that I wanted to and then I can just build that again and I have it in that order. So anyway, just a couple of tips there. If you have things that you want in a specific order use that table builder, put them in there put them in the order that you want and go ahead and build that table. Hope that was helpful. Have a great day. -