Add dimension and metric descriptions in Adobe Analytics add-dimension-and-metric-descriptions-in-adobe-analytics

Learn how to add context to dimensions and metrics in Adobe Analytics. Use the description field if the name assigned to your reports and metrics does not provide enough clarity to users in your organization.

Hello, this is Justin Grover with Adobe Product Management. And I would like to show you today how to add some context to the different reports that you have in reports in analytics and in the Analysis Workspace. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and go into the admin consol and I’m gonna show you how to add a description to both dimensions and your metrics. Here I have a Report Suite selected, I’m going to conversion and then conversion variables. And in there, you’ll notice that there is for each of the conversion variables a description field, so if I go ahead and click in the one of these I have a description for the for this eVar, so this one is my internal search term and so what am I put in here, is this is the… the keyword… that is entered… into the… search box… on my site.
And then I’m going to go ahead and save this, and I also wanna add, one to the event that’s getting set, so I’m gonna come in here and do that now. I’m going to go out and took again conversion and then success events, and you can do this for any of the variables that you have whether there be eVars, props or events. So I come in here, and I add a description, and this is, this event is set, whenever someone searches.
Let me just scroll over here, which is on the site, and then we’ll save this, and then I’ll show you where they show up within the tool.
If I go back to Reports & Analytics.
And then what we’ll do it shows up in a couple places, that shows up first in the navigation, so I’m come in here and I’ll navigate to that variable and that will be under my custom conversion, here we go… And then I have internal search term. And you notice that this this variable now has a question mark next to it so I can hover over it, and see the description that I entered in. I’m noticed that this one doesn’t have a description because I have nothing entered in, and then when I click on the report, it actually shows up at the top of the report. And so you get the information that you typed in this part of the description. Now if I go ahead and add the metric that we were looking at, which was searches, not only does the description show up in the information icon there, but when I add it to the report it also shows up in the end of the help icon on the report and you can see that right here. I’m so that we hope give you some context in Reports and Analytics is to what this dimension metric is. If we switch over to Analysis Workspace those settings also apply there. So if I go ahead and create a new project, and then I’m going to add in my searches, search term dimensions, so here I can look at again the info icon and its the description is surface there. And then if I add that the report and add the searches metric, I also get The searches.
Ops I’m gonna get the right one. Then I get the description there as well.
This should help you. I like to say add a lot more context to the reports and the metrics and dimensions that, your surfacing for your users and it makes a little bit easier to understand what types of data, what’s going on with the data and reports and analytics.