Schedule a Report Builder request

In this video, learn how to set up a basic schedule for a Report Builder workbook.

In this video, I’ll be demonstrating how to schedule an Adobe Report Builder report. Settings and advanced delivery options lets you configure workbooks that you want to send at a specific time or in intervals. Also, you can specify the file format that you want to send. I’ll be showing you where these settings are in Report Builder. Now I’m already in a Report Builder workbook and I’m logged in with my Experience Cloud ID credentials. As you can see, at the top where the add-on toolbar is displayed I’m going to select schedule from the toolbar. The scheduled task manager opens. I see another scheduled report listed here in the scheduled reports view. I’m going to create a new schedule for this workbook. So I’ll select the new command. This opens the scheduling wizard. Let’s take a look at some options you have from here. Here you have the option to send the report via email and add the recipient email address. I’m going to type in Doug Moore. If your admin set up publishing lists for your company, you’d see them in the publishing list here. There’s a default subject. You can easily change this to suit your needs. I’m going to update this to online orders and revenue. You can also customize the subject line for the report to include a date stamp. I’m going to insert the default by clicking on the checkbox here. All right, let’s look at scheduling options. You can send the report immediately or using the interval shown here. Just make sure the interval makes sense for the type of report you’re distributing. Let’s explore the advanced delivery options next. At the top, you have some options for the scheduling interval now or later. If I select later, we can have a view into the delivery time options. The time zone reflected uses what’s been set up for the report suite. There’s recurrence patterns hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly, and at the bottom you can set date changes for recurrence as needed. I’m going to reset this to send a report now at the top. Let’s look at some file options. Under file format, there’s a richness of formats you can choose from so you’re not locked into Excel. You can also send the file compressed, which is really convenient. Under file destinations, you can set up an FTP location. You’d enter the FTP credentials here.
I’m going to set this back to email and then select okay in the bottom right. Once I do that, I see the scheduling workbook please wait message at the bottom of the task manager model. Once it finishes, the scheduled report appears in the list above. Okay, I’ve walked you through scheduling a Report Builder report as well as some of the advanced delivery options. You should now feel comfortable giving this a try on your own. -

For more information on this feature, visit the documentation.