Using the Attribution IQ Panel in Analysis Workspace using-the-attribution-iq-panel-in-analysis-workspace

In this video, you will see the Attribution IQ Panel, a great place to start as you build out your attribution Analysis Workspace project.

Hi, I am Trevor Paulsen from Adobe analytics product management and I will show you demo - the Attribution panel in Analysis Workspace. The Attribution panel is new panel added for attribution IQ, allowing to do pre-build visualizations based on any number of attribution models we have included. Go to the panel’s list and drag attribution into your blank canvas. Once I dragged that over, I can select any success metric or any dimension I want to use as a channel or conversion event. I’m going to drag-in orders & also my marketing channels. Notice we have this dropdown that lets you pick from any of the attribution models that we have included, like last touch, first touch, linear… and I will add U-shape to the list. When I click Build, it will build for you a lot of really compelling visualization to help you analyze and understand marketing channels performance. You can see we’ve included a summary number indicating the total number of orders that we’ve attributed. We’ve included a bar chart allowing you to visually compare how the credit for orders is being distributed to each of the channels. In this case linear orders seems to give the most credit to email. Included freeform table allows you to go deeper and see each numbers. The table is linked to each of the visualizations. So, by hovering over, I can focus on individual channels in each of the visualizations above. Additionally, Venn diagram is added to see each channels work together to get orders through. There are 834 orders, where all of three channels are participating. I can change any of these three channels to be whatever I want, by highlighting them in the table above and so dynamically show the three selected. This gives really interesting view on how often marketing channels actually occur together and how they helping to move my customers to the conversion. There is also a histogram showing the touch points that every visitor have. Often I hear questions on how many touch points do my customers even have. This histogram allows you to very quickly and easily answer how often they have multiple touch points. Scrolling down you can see we have also included visualization scatter plot. This gives you one more view on how each of the attribution models & marketing channels are working & comparing to one another. Finally, we also provide a flow visualization allowing you to see how customers move from one channel to the next. The Flow Visualization allows you to explore and dive deeper into each channel or each touchpoint giving an idea of how often someone moves from direct to email, for example, or from referring domain to a social network. It help to see customer journey & how channels are working together. This is Attribution panel for Analysis workspace as part of attribution IQ.

The Attribution IQ Panel in Analysis Workspace is a way to quickly compare any of ten rules-based attribution models in a visual way. See how each model is impacting any dimension using Bar Charts, Venn diagrams, Histograms, Scatter Plots, and even a Flow Diagram. The Attribution Panel is a great starting point for more sophisticated attribution analysis.