Calculated metrics: Segmented metrics calculated-metrics-segmented-metrics

Learn how to create calculated metrics based on segments, so that you can more effectively analyze the visitors, visits, and page views that belong to it.

Hello. Welcome to this short video on the new and improved calculated metrics. In this video I’m going to show you how to create a simple segmented metric. Alright, so here I am in the key metrics report and, I am just going to go to the metrics, and I’m going to add a new metric here.
So what I would like to do, is to show the number of new and return visitors trended over time in a report. So, what I’m going to do, to do that, is I’m going to create a segmented metric. So, the first one I’m going to create, let me give it a name. New visitors.
I’m going to skip the description, but description is always a good idea, and drag down the segment that I have, that I already created for new visitors. So, I already created that and you can look at the definition there. So, that kind of shows visit number equals 1. Okay. So, anyway so I’ve created that. Now, all I need to do is get the actual metric. So, I’m going back to the metrics here, which is just unique visitors, drag that in here, and now I have, you can see here preview all the new visitors. So, one half of it’s done. I’m going to save that, and you’ll see that was added to the report. Now, I’m going to go and add another metric for the return visitors.
So I’ll do the same thing. So, let’s give it a name, return visitors.
And, go in here and we will select return visitors, we will drop that into the definition window, and then I will go back here and get my unique visitors metric. Drop that in there.
Everything looks good. Okay. Now, I’m going to hit save, and now, you see that those two metrics I just created were now visible, plotted on the line. So, let me clear this out. I’m going to remove the page views and the visits and the unique visitors and just have the two metrics I just created.
And, what I’m going to do is I’m going to change the chart type to be a stacked graph, stacked area. So, run that again, and there we have it. So, we’re seeing here two segmented calculated metrics for new visitors and return visitors plotted over time. Thank you.

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