Copy and insert panels and visualizations copy-and-insert-panels-and-visualizations

Learn how to copy and insert panels and visualizations in Analysis Workspace. These are time-saving techniques for refining a current project or getting a head start on a new one.

Hi this is Jen Lasser - with Adobe Analytics product management. In this video I’m going to talk to you - about a new feature we’ve released that allows you to copy and insert visualizations or panels within - a project or two other projects. So this feature is a little bit - different than the Duplicate option that we offer today Duplicate is available - from the right click menu of the panel header or viz header and allows you to completely - duplicate a panel or viz and save yourself a lot of time. But sometimes when you want to move things - around a project duplicating and deleting everything else that you don’t need is - a little bit of a cumbersome process. So let’s say that you want to take - these Marketing Channel tables visualizations and move - them to a new panel. You know you’ve started to build - out your project and you realize the story would flow a little bit - better if you had your overall KPIs in the first panel and Marketing Channels - in the second panel. Since you’ve already - built it on a one panel this new feature is - going to come in handy. So the feature is available from the right - click menu and it is Copy Visualization. So if you right click on this Channel - Trend option here and click Copy Viz you can go ahead and - paste it in a new panel. So I’ll just add in a new - Blank Panel really quickly. And let me just set my Date - Range here to last three months and then I can just right click - on the header the panel and Insert Copied Visualization. So now you’ll see I have an exact copy - of this visualization as the one above. Also since this visualization - is sourcing from a table the table has also copied over as well. Now you see I have both things - that I had above So this Copy and Insert - is a very quick way to move things from - one panel to another. Now I can just simply delete - these from this panel and call this new panel - Marketing Channels Not only can you move - Viz’s within a project you can also move them across projects. You can also do this for panels So if I right click on a panel - header I can choose Copy Panel and then open up a new project, Marketing Performance Blank Project - right click and Insert Copied Panel. So now I completely have a new project with the same data that I copied - over from an existing project. And I’ve got a great head start so - definitely take advantage of this one. One great way that I think this - could be helpful to you all is to also leverage our templates . So we have a lot of great - pre-built predefined tables and visualizations throughout these - templates that you could copy from, for example Content Consumption is a pages - report with some common visualizations like Flow and top pages table - with a lot of the key KPIs that we recommend measuring - for your content. So if you wanted to not have - to rebuild this whole table in a project you’ve already created you - could simply copy the visualization open up your KPI Dashboard - let’s say – KPI Dashboard and then paste that table within the - panel that you have already built out. So we’ll go Insert Copied - Viz and right away here, I have a table that was built - out from that template so hopefully you guys are excited about this feature we’re really - excited to bring it to the product and hope it saves - you a lot of time as you’re building out and organizing - the projects that you’re working with. -